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  1. FootballFigment

    Question about a tree...

    Probably should update my profile, but I am moving to Butler NJ haha. Just bought a house and now I have a backyard that can except a tree and does not existing on the top level of a parking garage lol.
  2. FootballFigment

    Question about a tree...

    I tried to look this info up with no success. Does anyone know what type of trees are planted in the downtown disney marketplace. I am refering to the ones with the the lights in them? Also for anyone knowledgable in horticulture, how would these trees fair in a new jersey climate? If they...
  3. FootballFigment

    Best Beer in the World

    Had a bartender at the Rose and Crown make me a Snake Bite once. Cider topped with Harp. It was great.
  4. FootballFigment

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    DSC_0028 by timwyka, on Flickr
  5. FootballFigment

    Save the Adventurers Club

    Yeah its everywhere. I like to put a splash of it in vodka and cranburries cause it makes the drink look cooler like i actually know what im doing haha.
  6. FootballFigment

    Any photo gear on your Christmas wish list this year?

    my father got me a nice macro lens for my nikon. i never thought of getting one before but now that i have it i think its kind of cool
  7. FootballFigment

    Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

    pepe is the best. the animal part was a little long.
  8. FootballFigment

    Nearly 2/3 of people on this site have never posted

    i guess some people just dont have interesting things to contribute so they just read. I find myself reading a lot of posts but i will only comment on one here or there.
  9. FootballFigment

    2010: Year of the Muppets?

    you said it man, she was awful. Now Tim Curry was awesome.
  10. FootballFigment

    How/What Does Your Username Mean?

    eli manning + journey into the imagination = football figment
  11. FootballFigment

    2010: Year of the Muppets?

    I hope this new movie is in the style of muppet treasure island or a muppet christmas carol. Those two movies are the best. I like when they use the muppets to tell a classic story. It needs to be done right though. Not like the muppet wizzard of oz. That was just cheesy.
  12. FootballFigment

    Favorite Food Item At WDW

    Full Montague at Earl of Sandwich is the best food on property. the Mickey Premium Bar is a close second lol.
  13. FootballFigment

    Ten Attractions ONLY!

    1. Splash Mountain 2. Dinosaur 3. Muppetvision 3D 4. TTA 5. Space Ship Earth 6. Maelstrom 7. Rockin Roller Coaster 8. The Great Movie Ride 9. EE 10. FIGMENT
  14. FootballFigment

    Wow, Has WDWMagic Changed!

    this is pretty cool. I did not realize the amount of change that has gone on here over the years.
  15. FootballFigment

    Word of Mouth (word association)

    District 9
  16. FootballFigment

    DiveQuest, any thought?

    Hi everyone, On my trip this august I have signed up for the DiveQuest experience at the living seas. I am a certified diver and the disney operator i booked the excursion with told me the basics about what I was going to be doing. I was wondering if anybody has done this particular...
  17. FootballFigment

    Living with the Land Refurbishment 8/2/2009

    now what am i going to ride when i need to take a nap at epcot????
  18. FootballFigment

    Coolest Avatar

    I like mine for obvious reasons, but i agree that the best avatars are ones that have become icons. You dont even have to look at the name to know who it is.
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