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  1. EPCOTPluto

    Christmas in the Caribbean?

  2. EPCOTPluto

    Making an Attachment?

  3. EPCOTPluto

    Happy Birthday, tiaragirl!

    Happy Birthday! :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  4. EPCOTPluto

    The Bloomin' EPCOT Update of Feb. 20!

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to one of the perennial WDW updates of yours truly. Let's begin with some quick notes, and then it's off for picture goodness! _________________ FG&F is only a week & a half away, and already there are topiaries in both lands, the open grassy designs around...
  5. EPCOTPluto

    CM at Main Sreet Cinema/Art of Disney

    On a recent trip, I recall browsing through the shop, and I happen to snag the beginning of "Peculiar Penguins". I thought I would stop for a moment and watch the beginning of the short. Several minutes in, an overly enthusiastic toddler came with his parents to also see the short. So I was...
  6. EPCOTPluto


  7. EPCOTPluto

    What's This? A January's End EPCOT/Tiny DTD Update????

    ...Why yes. Yes it is. Evening, everyone, and tonight, I bring forth some notes from a wonderful trip at EPCOT and DTD today. Pics will come probably around the mid-week, being that I will be busy tomorrow all day, (Parent's Birthday. :D). So, without further ado... EPCOT Forecast...
  8. EPCOTPluto

    LOST: The Final Season

    So there are eight days left until the final season of LOST begins. And eight days until LOST disappears into TV history. With the show around for six years, I wonder who else is (or was) a fan of the island drama and would like to share thoughts about it. MY story? Admittedly, it was one of...
  9. EPCOTPluto

    Italy Pavilion Construction 1/02?

    As a normal visit to EPCOT today, I recall reading one particular member's comment about the lack of trees in the Italy pavilion, so I thought I should go and check it out. Did not know there was work being done behind the walls near Tutto Italia, however. :lookaroun With the rumor of a...
  10. EPCOTPluto

    Any Info For This Tinker "Bell"?

    I have a Tinker "Bell" that my parents claimed it was either a gift from WDW back in 1978 or something from the early 60s. Here is a pic of it: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/picture.php?albumid=692&pictureid=12156 I just wondered if there was anymore info about it? I can't seem to find much for...
  11. EPCOTPluto

    IMMD! - Disney or Non-Disney!

    Ever read IMMD.com? It's a site devoted to people who admit something in which It Made (their) Day. I thought up of this thread after seeing two things that did made my day: I saw a father of three pull out a silver bottle of liquor and drank it all. Right before the parking lot tram stopped...
  12. EPCOTPluto

    The Orange Bird!

    For those who remember The Orange Bird, he returns! Well, in pin form, that is. :D http://eventservices.disney.go.com/pintrading/pin?id=47793 http://eventservices.disney.go.com/pintrading/pin?id=47799 http://eventservices.disney.go.com/pintrading/pin?id=47790...
  13. EPCOTPluto

    Happy Birthday, marni1971!

    Happy Birthday! :sohappy: Great job on your attraction videos! :D
  14. EPCOTPluto

    EPCOT Randomness! (A November 7 Update)

    Hello & welcome to my (possibly) last WDW update. Yes, there will be loads of randomness in this update, so hang on your personal belongings, people! I will try to make this one update pretty entertaining. ~*~*~*~ Quick note of something. Parking CMs were directing the early birds to the...
  15. EPCOTPluto

    V Arrives... (Spoilers!)

    I am actually excited for V & probably will be one of the many to watch the first episode this Nov. 3rd. ABC recently revealed the first 9 minutes of the pilot episode to promote it. If you want to watch, the link's here! http://www.hulu.com/watch/104096/v-a-first-look-at-v :D
  16. EPCOTPluto

    Magic Kingdom - October 25th Update!

    Hi there! Here are some tidbits from yesterday from the crown jewel of WDW! :sohappy: Arriving at 10, here were the crowds for the day. It was actually a somewhat slow day...
  17. EPCOTPluto

    Odd Halloween Thought...

  18. EPCOTPluto

    Thy Random DAK/DTD October 11th Update!

    Welcome once again to another update of mine! This time, I will sporadically post the updates & pics. :) So! Entering Animal Kingdom, the parking prices have increase. :animwink::lol:
  19. EPCOTPluto

    The Twilight Zone Turns 50!

    I am surprised that this was surpassed & no one noticed...
  20. EPCOTPluto

    New Astro Boy Trailer....

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