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  1. cococola44

    COP... tear down?

    I heard through a rumor mill that COP is being torn down at some point? I think I may be seriously crushed if it does... A serious refurbish or update, yes, but tear down? That classic? Walt just may roll around in his grave...
  2. cococola44

    Traditions that you no longer can do

    So lets face it... many of us old-timer-WDW freakos have had traditions that you just HAD to do every time that you would go to the parks. I know it must pain you to talk about this.... BUT it must be talked about!!!! ;) The one that stands out to me the most that my family can no longer do is...
  3. cococola44

    My 2015 Festival of Fantasy pictures

    I am a pro-photographer, and I was happy to bring my camera down last year with my family. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights I captured :) @kpexpressionsphotography
  4. cococola44

    Autism and WDW

    I am happy to be back and active on this website. I wanted to share a short story with you. My husband and I have three children. My two boys were diagnosed with Autism. Last year was the first time we took our kids. Jesa was 6, my sons were 3 and 2. Buddy, my middle child, has more severe...
  5. cococola44

    rumor of another country added?

    In Epcot. This was back in 2006 though when I worked there but, I don't know how they could do that.....or what. ::shrugs::
  6. cococola44

    Going in October

    I have returned to the forums. Some of you I remember :) Things have been busy with DH going into the Army. Anyway, I am currently pregnant and in October we are going and I will be 29 weeks pregnant. I went in 2008 when I was pregnant with DD at 18 weeks. We stayed at Poly that time which...
  7. cococola44

    WDW with an almost 2 year old

    So DH is coming back from training for the ARMY in late November and I want to go back for the 9th vaca :) BUT we are bringing my daughter now. Last time I was at WDW I was 4 1/2 months preggo. :) What rides did you bring your 2 year old on and what rides did he/she not want to go on. How...
  8. cococola44

    Idea for toontown or just in general?

    My daughter is in love with mickey mouse clubhouse... i wonder if they are going to make an agent oso or any references to mickey mouse clubhouse. i try swtiching tv shows and she won't watch anything except for mmch :) She is 7 months
  9. cococola44

    if you would pick

    favorite month to go to wdw when would you go i know most of you would want to say "anytime" but ...i am limiting you to 1 month and why
  10. cococola44

    Heard a rumor on the mickey mouse rites

    Which i believe is bs but a friend told me yesterday that the rites for mickey mouse is expiring because it go over 100 years or something? but that doesn't make sense. He said it is because the orginal rites went to Walt Disney Himself and he is dead...i don't think it is true.
  11. cococola44

    first disney movie to use cg?

    I believe it was the 1986 Great Mouse Detective for the big ben part...right?
  12. cococola44

    What theme park are you?

    I made this quiz...a long time ago. I am interested in your results now. I posted this...oh...i don't remember...lol last year maybe...Feb? LOL Take it guys...and post your results! What do you think? http://quiz.myyearbook.com/zenhex/sharequiz.php?q=23600&r=2
  13. cococola44

    Preggo at disney

    SOOOO I took everyone's advice last year in sept on my poly vaca...and well, i ended up going on blizzard beach and went on the little small tube slides that just weave...it was soo much fun. I went on a many rides actually except for the obvious rrc, tot, ms...but either than that... It was...
  14. cococola44

    Crazy character time

    (Please be careful of the content of which you choose to share) What is the silliest, craziest thing you have seen a character do... starting with me... Um, honestly lol too many to share...but i had an unfair advantage here... but, i was friends of Miss Piggy. Having an "argument"...
  15. cococola44

    The Perfect Age?

    To bring Ds or Dd? DD is 3 months old...so obviously...not right now... My mom and dad said that when i was 3 and 4 i was into naps...got fussy and tired...held my ears at some rides sometimes.... So i wondered...what is the idea age to bring a child the first time...in your opinion. I...
  16. cococola44

    If you guys remember me

    I am sorry i have been away for so long...since....october after my sept 08 vacation with dh... i had my daughter on 26 January of this year. I was always on my fertilityfriend forum or resting. Her name is Jesarose Lynn. She was 6.56 llbs...19 1/2 inches long. she was small because she...
  17. cococola44

    First ride you run to at magic kingdom

    the first day of the vacation or time you run to magic kingdom either on vacation or for a day off... First ride you go to. I posted this...oh...a year ago...lol i can't find it. and i like seeing new answers.
  18. cococola44

    Photo package prices?HELP!

    My friend emailed this to me...I need your help.. Posted: Fri May 1, 2009 3:20 pm. Post subject: Kim and Jesa-. Totally off topic, but I think you would know... we are going to Disney in July (my family and my parents and my sisters with their families). There will be 29 of us. I am...
  19. cococola44

    Alumni 05-06 reunion

    Please if you have FB please look for WDW College Program 05-06 to add to the group and join! I started it and I intend on making it happen. I am really excited about it and I hope we get people to join.:sohappy:
  20. cococola44

    I am off!!!

    Going to Walt Disney World today and will be back next Thursday night. I will miss ya'll! I won't have access to the pc but I can't wait to tell everyone about the trip and how it was! My Dh's and my birthday is this Friday. I am fortunate to have the same birthday with him! 9/12! We are...
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