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  1. disneygirl1

    GF Cafe or Kona Cafe HELP!!!

    Ok all, I need your expert advice here... We are going to Disney the end of August and we want to try a few new places to eat... I need help picking between GF Cafe and Kona Cafe for our last dinner. So which should I choose and why?? HELP!!!:wave:
  2. disneygirl1

    A Quick Dose of Magic to Hold Me Over till December

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my TR… For those of you who do not know me, my name is Reese. I am a single mother to a very handsome 8 year old son, Devon!!! He is the light in my life and I am so glad that he has the Disney bug like his mommy!!! I figured I’d start with how this trip came...
  3. disneygirl1

    Port Orleans French Quarter during Pop Warner Week?

    Hi all! Hoping you can give me some advice... I am currently booked to stay at POP 12/3-12/11. I am thinking of possibly upgrading to POFQ. My question is this. The week we are there is Pop Warner week. I know in past years the kids typically stay at the all-stars and some at Riverside...
  4. disneygirl1

    When to go 11/19-11/27 or 12/3-12/11

    Hey everyone, hoping you can help me decide when to go... I was originally all set to book 12/3-12/11, and then I started think that maybe I like to go Thanksgiving week 11/19-11/27. What do you guys think? I have my fingers crossed that once I book a discount will be released that I can...
  5. disneygirl1

    Pop Century at Christmas Time???

    Hi all, hoping those who have stayed at Pop in December around the holidays can fill me in on their thoughts... Did you enjoy it? How was the Christmas decorations? Did the resort have a holiday feeling? We stayed there this pass September and really enjoyed it. I know that they pipe in the...
  6. disneygirl1

    Great Weather + Low Crowds + Free Dining = One Great Disney Vacation!!!

    Hi everyone! And welcome to my first attempt at a trip report! Bare with we, I promise I'll attempt to do my best to make this entertaining as possible. But before we get to the good stuff, lets cover the basics shall we? Travel Dates: 9/22-9/27 Resort: Disney' Pop Century The Cast...
  7. disneygirl1

    ?? about traveling between resorts of Dining Ressies

    Hi All, so I'm 10 days out and I decided to make a last minute dining change. I cancelled my 1900 Park Fare Dinner ressies b/c I was afraid we were not going to have enough time to make it to my DS Pirates League appointment before MNSSHP. Anyway, we are now eating at Boma at the Animal...
  8. disneygirl1

    Wide Awake... So Just What??? I'm doing a Pre-Trip Report! 9/22-9/27

    Hey Everyone!!! For some reason, I just can't sleep this morning... So guess what I decided to do??? That's right, you guessed it!!! A Pre-Trip Report!! :sohappy: Ok, so I won't bore you I promise, just wanted to give you the run down, since it looks like alot of members will be traveling...
  9. disneygirl1

    So excited... Had to share!

    So, I just got the mail and low and behold, my DME packet came today!! YAY:sohappy: Makes the trip seem that much closer! Can't wait for Sept to get here. So... I also have a question for all you experts out there. Our plane does not arrive at MCO until 930p. Do you think we should get...
  10. disneygirl1

    Teppan Edo and Food Allergy ???

    So, it just dawned on me that I have a reservation at Teppan Edo and I know that they cook all the food on the same grittle. Hear's the issue, I have a food allergy to all shell fish. What should I do??? Let them know that ahead on time, like call now or do I let the hostess know when I check...
  11. disneygirl1

    Just Booked Pirate League for my DS!!!

    Ok, so I just booked the Pirates League makeover for my son (he is VERY excited too I might add) the night that we are attending MNSSHP. We have dinner reservations at 510p at 1900 Park Fare and the appointment for Pirates League at 640p. Time wise do you think I left enough time to get there...
  12. disneygirl1

    Beaches and Cream ???

    Hi all, I have a quick question regarding Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort. We are on the dining plan this coming Sept. and I am getting conflicting answers as to whether this uses a CS credit or a TS credit on the DDP. I appreciate the clarification. Thanks!
  13. disneygirl1

    Where to eat the night we go to MNSSHP?

    Hi all, have a quick question, we are having a hard time decided where to go for dinner the night we go to MNSSHP. It is either between Whispering Canyon or 1900 Park Fare. Regardless we are going to eat at both places while we are there, but just trying to think which one would be quicker so...
  14. disneygirl1

    MNSSHP Ticket prices???

    Hi all, sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but I can't seem to find the 2009 prices for the party tickets? I know they go on sale Friday and wanted to get a price... I feel like when I ordered my tickets last year for MVMCP I knew what they were going to cost me already. Appreciate your...
  15. disneygirl1

    Kona Cafe or Ohana???

    Ok guys, need some help... Trying to decide where to eat. We are on the dining plan and need to chose 1 more dinner for our trip. What place do you think is better Kona or 'Ohana??? Have never been to either and there will be a 7 year old in the party. I looked over both menus and both...
  16. disneygirl1

    What to try New places to eat!!! HELP...

    Ok, so I been to Disney quite a few times and we are going back again in September with the dining plan. I want to try a few new places to eat. Let me know what you all think of the few restaurants that I listed below. Thanks guys! Hollywood Brown Derby for dinner Akershus Princess...
  17. disneygirl1

    Beginning or End of September

    Hi All! Have a quick question... If you were going to go to Disney in September, would you think it would be better to go the first week of September or the last full week of September? My main concern is the weather. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  18. disneygirl1

    Surprising Son with Trip

    Ok, hoping all you Disney experts can help me... So I decided to take advantage of the free dining code in September, but I also decided that I don't want to tell my son we are going until right before we leave! Any suggestions on how to tell him? Now the only hard part is keeping my big...
  19. disneygirl1

    Pop Or Coronado Springs

    Hi All, have a dilemma, and figured who better to help me then my friends here:0) So, I am booked to stay at Pop for my upcoming December trip. I have never stayed there before, but now I am thinking that I might want to upgrade and the only available resort in CS. I have stayed at CS...
  20. disneygirl1

    Dining Question?

    Ok, so I just added the dining plan to my December reservation, and I want to try a few places that I have not eaten at before. It will be just two of us on this trip.. Me and my DS 6... It is his Birthday Trip! My questions are: 1. What are your thoughts on Whispering Canyon Cafe for...
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