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  1. Kevin_W

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    Enjoy and thanks for the pictures! It's nice to see the pirate area - that was under construction the last time we were there. (Heck, the whole left half of the park was under construction.) We're headed back to France in December the week before Christmas and are looking forward to seeing...
  2. Kevin_W

    What Disney Ride Do Think Is Most Terrifying?

    RIP for Top Thrill. I'm not a huge fan of heights, but I don't find it to be scary at all. It's over way too quickly for my brain to really process the height and have time to get scared. Now the Pixar-Pal-Around form the original post? Definitely. Especially when there are mechanical...
  3. Kevin_W

    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    Well, as I like to point out at times, there is Turkey Hill gas station 1-2 miles from my house that started construction in July 2021 and isn't open yet. Admittedly, it does have a convenience store and a car wash in addition to just the gas pumps... but 13 months for a gas station! Heck a...
  4. Kevin_W

    Favorite Quick Service?

    I'm surprised no one has said Docking Bay 7 at DHS - I think it is 2nd to Satu'li Canteen for best CS in all of WDW. (Though it has been a couple years since we have been to WDW so perhaps something has changed).
  5. Kevin_W

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Yeah, that's never been my favorite song and it's not like the Disney catalog is short on good songs. Perhaps trying to capture the "We Go On" feeling? Though I'd posit they could just use We Go On...
  6. Kevin_W

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Yep, flonase and eyedrops got me through the bad week or two.
  7. Kevin_W

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I've never really had problems before, but cottonwood season here hit me hard.
  8. Kevin_W

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    That's the first time I've seen Harmonious. I think the consensus of this board is dislike and I can see why. But as I Disney plus show, it was great. Kind of like the ABC Christmas specials condensed into 20 minutes with better music.
  9. Kevin_W

    Where in The World?

    Hmm, I would have said Goofini as well.. is it in Pete's silly sideshow? It looks pretty zoomed in , so perhaps it's just small somewhere.
  10. Kevin_W

    Best Disney Castle

    I was not a fan of the "mix-n-match" concept art for the HKDL castle, but the final product exceeds my expectations and I kinda like that it is a tall, graceful castle without being a copy of WDW or DLP. I like each park having their own castle.
  11. Kevin_W

    Best Disney Castle

    I watched the Disney+ show about the castles recently. Their claim on the show was that they wanted a bigger castle in DL, but it was too expensive.
  12. Kevin_W

    Best Disney Castle

    I agree with the beauty of DLP, and it has a dragon! But it is a bit shorter than WDW or the Asian castles. So I don't fault that choice, but I pick WDW's for aesthetic beauty (though TDL would be a near-tie, obviously). Shanghai is a bit too wide/blocky for my taste.
  13. Kevin_W

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Good to see, and good that the peak in hospitalization is looking much lower than the original Omicron wave a few months ago. Locally, my personal sphere (co-workers, friends, church members) seems to be having it's highest # of cases since the start of the pandemic.
  14. Kevin_W

    Hoop Dee Doo?

    Remember to mix in some fried chicken and cornbread to balance things out.
  15. Kevin_W

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    We went as a family in 1983 and ~1989 (I was born in 1974, for reference). My main memory from the '83 trip is rope-dropping the Imagination pavilion so we could ride the ride and play on the second floor. My whole family loved it. I have a distinct memory from the latter trip of being on the...
  16. Kevin_W

    Rumor Canada Far & Wide Closing

    I recently priced that out as well. If you are doing a 2-4 day trip, Japan, France, Hong Kong, and DL all are cheaper than WDW unless you can drive to the Florida parks.
  17. Kevin_W

    News Disney PhotoPass offering 4 new Star Wars photo ops on May 4th at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Agreed. I have very poor photoshop skills and I could do as well as these. But that said - they don't hurt anything or take anything away form the parks, so if people like them then great.
  18. Kevin_W

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    You only haven't seen them if you haven't looked. My school district stop publishing, and the state went to weekly instead of daily, but the weekly state numbers are still there. And the CDC/John Hopkins/Our World in Data/etc, never stopped publishing. Tey still are in regular news articles...
  19. Kevin_W

    News Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party returns for 2022

    I'm not that old. Our first trip with our daughter was in October 2010 and tickets were $54+tax for adults (she would have been free). We didn't go as that was fairly pricey! (We did go a couple times when she was older.)
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