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  1. Fable McCloud

    Will Disney Dining Plan Return?

    So now that you are able to book packages for the 2021 Season, I saw that the DDP is not even listed on the website. What are the odds it will come back in the next 6-8 months? Same goes for the All Star Resorts. My husband and I just cancelled our 2020 December trip, and we were hoping to go...
  2. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    So, the mist featuring Davy Jones/Blackbeard is now off. Is this official? I also heard the "Dead Men Tell No Tales" original ride audio was back. Is this confirmed? I'm just wondering of these are permanent changes, because it would be nice to see LESS movie tie-ins. They could make a movie...
  3. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    I was showing a student something about EPCOT (We were checking out the status of the France Pavilion). Then we noticed the big construction area between Germany and China. Any idea what's going in here? Is it a new thing?
  4. Fable McCloud

    When do Christmas decorations and special holiday characters start to go up?

    I'm going to be down in WDW for my honeymoon October 28-Nov 4 and I was wondering if we would see any Christmas stuff. I know that they decorate early, and my fiance would love to see Scrooge . I'm hopeful we'll see some of it.
  5. Fable McCloud

    Moana M & G

    Is Moana meeting in the parks anywhere right now? We're going down this week and I really wanted to see her (so did my mom).
  6. Fable McCloud

    Mid-October evenings

    I'm wondering what the average temperature/humidity situation is for mid-October. We're going for the first time to MNSSHP and I'm trying to plan my costume so I don't get heat stroke or sweat all my make-up off.
  7. Fable McCloud


    Since DisneyQuest is closing this summer, I was wondering if there are other arcades anywhere on the property. My BF is a huge retro gamer and loves to play on the old game cabinets, and I have no clue if there would be anyplace that has some. Just curious.
  8. Fable McCloud

    Magic Band decorating

    Anyone know the best way to decorate MagicBands without them running/cracking? Some people say nail polish, others say sharpie...I need some help. My family refuses to get pre-made fancy bands, insisting that I (the creative one) dress them up myself lol. I've never had a MagicBand before so I'm...
  9. Fable McCloud

    Disneyland POTC v. WDW POTC

    So, after hearing time and time again how much better the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean is, I decided to find a ride-through video on YouTube. I really enjoyed the entire beginning of the ride. The restaurant inside the ride (holy cow great idea!), the theming of the bayou/swamp area...
  10. Fable McCloud

    Frozen on Broadway, what? I still haven't gotten to see it, but I didn't think it was nearly as popular as they were saying. Is this a film that could work like Beauty and the Beast, or are we headed for another 'here one minute gone the next' show...
  11. Fable McCloud

    What weeks in September does Disney Generally offer Free Dining?

    The title says it all, what weeks in September does Disney generally roll out the free dining? I'm trying to gather data for when I get married, so we know when to plan the honeymoon and get in on the free dining. It saved me a lot of money in the past, and depending on how much we spend on the...
  12. Fable McCloud

    Where can I see the Christmas Parade on TV?

    I see when people post that they are taping the Christmas Parade, and so I wonder where I could see it? Does Disney put it up online somewhere? I'm just looking for the official video, I've seen all the you tube vacationer uploads. Just curious why they tape it and where they show it.
  13. Fable McCloud

    Has anyone ever had another guest start an issue with you?

    This is something I've been meaning to mention for ages, but when my Ex and I went in 2011, we had a horrible run in with other guests. We went to see Rapunzel. She was in the Fairytale Garden and meeting with Flynn Rider, so we waited the half hour to see her. When we finally get to see them...
  14. Fable McCloud

    It seems like Februrary is refurb month...

    Just looked at the list of stuff closing for refurbs, and most of it occurs during February/March. I went in 2011 Feb 26-March 6, and nothing but the Tiki Room was down. Also, it seemed weird to me that IASW would be down in December, because it's a popular family attraction and that is one of...
  15. Fable McCloud

    What exactly IS My Magic Plus?

    I understand them to be bracelets, and that no one seems to like them or how they work. What are they used for, how do they work, and do you have to pay for them separately or are they included when you stay on property?
  16. Fable McCloud

    Disney Springs is what?

    Excuse my ignorance here, but I seem to have missed the explaination of what Disney Springs actually is. Is it an expansion or a new community and where is it going in relation to the parks?
  17. Fable McCloud

    Okay, I see it all the time, but what IS the Candleight Processional?

    I really have no idea. I know celebrities host it, and it's during the holidays, but what is it? Make fun if you wish, but I've wanted to ask for ages.
  18. Fable McCloud

    Can I still get a regular Fast Pass?

    I haven't been to WDW in 2+ years, and with all the new NextGen stuff and FlashPass+ things, I'm lost. Can I still get a pass for ToT and then ride RNRC while I wait? Is this still an thing we can do for free, or do all FPs cost money now?
  19. Fable McCloud

    Where are Tiana and Rapunzel meeting now?

    I was just curious, as my parents are headed down there soon, where can you find Tiana and Rapunzel, and are Flynn and Naveen around as well?
  20. Fable McCloud

    What is the deal with the Dragons?

    So out of nowhere, people are obsessing and chatting about the Dragon of Fantasyland. Am I missing something, or are we getting a dragon? It just seems really confusing to me, especially after seeing this guy's well done tumblr: Can someone give me a little...
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