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    New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk

    Once again Disney underwhelms with pre-made bland sandwiches that have little competition on their “real world” counterparts. Such a missEd opportunity to drive traffic to the Boardwalk.
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    They could really use an escalator.
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    Rumor Dropping the "Walt" from "Walt Disney World"

    Not really. The re-do allows them to market it as a whole new ride, same as they did for Frozen.
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    Rumor Dropping the "Walt" from "Walt Disney World"

    Jim Hill has almost never been right about anything. Also what would the point of this endeavor be? It would cost them tens of millions of dollars in re-branding and see little to no ROI.
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    Dinosaur has seen better days

    Rode today. The doors at the beginning aren't working. All three of the carnotaurus are stuck immobile, with the first one so bright you could see it was just only a partial figure. None of the effects in the finale/time travel back are working except a bit of smoke. My friends, who haven't...
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    MagicBand+ announced

    They literally had a pin version of this in 2001 for 100 Years of Magic.
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    DLR attendance policy

    No, because you accrue the vacation time. Many only have a day or two accrued, if that. Plus, termination is only one penalty, most employees don't want to have a "written warning" on their record in hopes of promotions, transfers, etc.
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    Galaxies Edge Updates Thread

    The existing land isn't that popular, minus ROTR. They built the boarding group process thinking that it would be so popular you'd need a boarding group just to enter the land. How did that work out? Really do not think they are going to level an entire other section of the park for more SW...
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    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    Yes, working law enforcement can be armed, including USSS agents. Disney Security is not armed under any circumstance.
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    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    Sorry, WDW cast members do not carry weapons. May have been plain clothed OCSO but after a massive accident + lawsuit in the mid-90s they enacted a strict policy that "de-policed" security pretty heavily, changing their costumes, lights on their cars, etc.
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    Kona for dinner is almost always pretty empty. Mostly because it's not very good.
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    DLR attendance policy

    The whole point is that it gave people flexibility in caring for themselves or kids when sick, allowed people to miss shifts here and there for finals/school, tardiness for a late bus, go to Doctor's/personal appointments, etc. You didn't get paid for all that time missed, of course, but...
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    Disney plans to build a massive dynamic art installation on International Drive

    Well people still take pride in their appearance, it's just not the 1971 cookie cutter appearance you remember. That said, casting had no choice but to change the Disney Look substantially as gender norms shifted. Unfortunately, they also took that opportunity to allow visible tattoos and other...
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    DLR attendance policy

    That language is boilerplate but when they are desperate, such things can often be negotiated directly with the area via casting. For example, a high school student who just wants to work on the weekends can let their recruiter know about their availability and the recruiter can contact the...
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    DLR attendance policy

    The previous policy was that you got a half point if you left early due to illness or were tardy. Calling in sick at the start of a shift netted one point. You could call out three consecutive days and still just get the one point. The thought there is why would you triple penalize someone who...
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    DLR attendance policy

    Right. This will make such outbreaks worse when people are scared to call in for a second or third day, even though they are still contagious.
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    DLR attendance policy

    The cast was already suffering from bad morale, this will just make it worse. Particularly with part-timers who don't accrue nearly as much sick time but are often required to work 40+ hours/week. It also will lead to quicker turnover and understaffed areas when people won't call out when...
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    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    Granted he didn't start in a front-line role, but the bulk of his early career was still in WDP&R in Sales & Travel trade marketing, then a brief tenure in DCP before heading back to WDP&R at Adventures By Disney and eventually DAK.
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    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    He's still sorta right. Typically, in the past, there has always been kind of a strata, with the exception of the Chairman role, which was oddly used as a semi-temporary training ground for non-parks people (see: Jay Rasulo, Tom Staggs, Bob Chapek, etc), "parks people" were to stay in Parksland...
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    MSEP ending at Disneyland on Sept 1, WDW return in 2023?

    There are ways but this assumes there is an appetite for the labor and operational headaches. There isn't. The parties are unique cases because it's hard ticketed and guest feedback for the DAH events was sub-par.
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