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  1. Cinderella1976

    Looking for suggestions on where to book a birthday dinner at Epcot

    Hi Everyone :wave: I will be in Disney on my actual birthday this year (12/10) and that day we plan on going to Epcot. I was really hoping to be able to get a dinner (I also would have settled for a lunch) reservation at Le Cellier but when I called at my 180 day mark everything was sold out for...
  2. Cinderella1976

    California Grill or Narcoosee's ???

    Hi Everyone :wave: When we go to Disney this December we will actually be there ON my birthday and my DH told me to pick a place to eat for my birthday dinner. It will be just the two of us because we were going to take the kids to the kid's club at our resort. Anyway, I've been to Disney many...
  3. Cinderella1976

    Yacht Club or Grand Floridian

    Okay, we already have our trip booked for December 2 - 9th and we are supposed to stay at the GF. This will be our fourth year in a row staying there, but after talking with DH this morning we think it might be time for a change. We really love the GF for many reasons, especially because of it...
  4. Cinderella1976

    Hard Decision to Make

    I would really like to get everyone's opinion on what I should do for our upcoming trip (11/29 - 12/7). We are a Grand Gathering of 12 people so we have some Grand Gathering Experiences booked (Illuminations Dinner, Tony's Breakfast, and the Magical Fireworks Voyage). My problem is that on the...
  5. Cinderella1976

    Grand Gatherings Question

    For our trip in December we were planning on having dinner at Le Cellier and then doing the Illuminations Cruise on December 3rd. Now my mom, sister and nephew (age 9) will be joining us on our vacation :sohappy: . It will be there first trip to the world so we all decided to do the Grand...
  6. Cinderella1976

    Our Itinary for December Trip - Opinions Please

    Hi everyone!! I just wanted to get your opinions/advice on my itinary for our trip. Do you think it is too much planning? I drive my husband and kids crazy so I just wanted to hear what you all think. I have three girls ages 11, 6, & 4. We are staying for 8 nights. We chose not to get the...
  7. Cinderella1976

    Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show??

    We are going to back to Disney the first week of December and we are considering going to the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show but I've read some mixed reviews (mostly negative) on allears so now I am not sure if we should spend the extra $$$ to see it. We already saw the Hoop Dee Doo Review, La...
  8. Cinderella1976

    Ragland Road ???

    Hi Everyone! We were trying to decide on a place to eat @ Downtown Disney for our next trip and wanted to know your opinions on Ragland Road? I know nothing about this place but I've seen it mentioned on the boards before. Is it okay for children? How is the food / atmosphere? Also, do they...
  9. Cinderella1976

    Universal/Islands of Adventure Questions?

    Hi everyone :wave: During our next 9 day trip to the World in December I was thinking about going to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure for one of those days. My 11 yr old daughter has been begging us to take her. My questions are . . How do we get there from our resort (GF) without...
  10. Cinderella1976

    Anyone Having Touble Logging Onto Disney Website?

    I've been trying to log onto "MY Vacation" on the Disney website and it won't take my password. It's been the same password for the past 2 years and never had a problem with it. Anyone else having the same problem? I tried calling them but I am on hold forever.
  11. Cinderella1976

    Spirit Airline / Atlantic City Airport ???

    I was just wondering if anyone has used Spirit Air and if so, how was your experience with the airline. We usually fly out of Philadelphia and take US Air but all of our experiences with US Air have not been good. Atlantic City is only about 40 min. from us and I've heard Spirit Air has...
  12. Cinderella1976

    MGM Dining Question

    Hi everyone - I need some help deciding between the 50's Prime Time Cafe or the Sci-Fi for dinner for our next trip. I know I have plenty of time to make a decision, but I would like to hear your input/experiences. I will be traveling with my DH and three daughters ages 11, 5, & 4. Thank you.
  13. Cinderella1976

    Breakfast @ Chef Mickey's Question

    Hi Everyone!! Does anyone know if Donald appears at the Chef Mickey's Breakfast or is he just at the dinner? I read on AllEarsNet that he is just at the dinner, can anyone confirm that? Thanks!!! _________________ December 1-9 2006 Grand Floridian :xmas:
  14. Cinderella1976

    Large Crowds in Early December??!!!

    Hi Everyone!! We will be in Disney December 1-9 and I booked the first week because I assumed it would be a "slower" time of the month to visit and we would be able to enjoy all the Christmas festivities without it being overly crowded, but a friend of mine tried to book a vacation for the same...
  15. Cinderella1976

    Best country to dine & watch Illuminations from

    Hi everyone!! In your opinion what country in Epcot would you say has the best place to eat and view Illuminations?
  16. Cinderella1976

    Kid's Nite Out Baby Sitting Service

    Hello!! I was just wondering if anyone has ever used the Kid's Nite Out in room babysitting service? I have girls ages 10, 5, & 3 and my 3yr. old is too young for the activity centers at our resort. I just feel nervous leaving my children with a stranger in a hotel room. My DH and I purchased La...
  17. Cinderella1976

    In Room Child Care

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Fairy Godmother's in room child care and if so, how was the experience? I have three girls ages 10, 5, & 3 and my husband and I purchased tickets for La Nouba during our December trip and my 3 yr. old is too young for the kid's club at our resort so I...
  18. Cinderella1976

    Wishes / Illumination Firework Cruises

    We are going to Disney in December (1 - 9) :xmas: and my daughter and I are celebrating our birthdays (our birthdays are a day apart, I will be 30 & she will be turning 5) and someone suggested that we do a birthday celebration cruise. I know they offer the cruises for both Illuminations &...
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