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  1. Old Mouseketeer

    Mickey and the Magical Map--7th Anniversary Cast Thank You

    I was sent this great video of the Magical Map cast and crew by a friend from my theater days who works on the show. Insider tidbit: all of the couples you see are real-life couples (dating, engaged, or married) who met on the show. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Old Mouseketeer

    New DL Resort Master Plan Possibilities

    With recent events and the potential reboot of the relationship between Disney and the City of Anaheim after the elections, I believe the most productive outcome would be to revisit the idea of a more comprehensive Resort Master Plan. Several of us have proposed ideas in a rather piecemeal...
  3. Old Mouseketeer

    Disneyland reaches tentative agreement with Master Services Council

    One of my Bothan spies reports they just received a text from one of their union reps that there is a tentative collective agreement with Disney which will be presented to union members for a vote on Thursday, July 26 in the Lincoln Theater from 0800-2000. This was an official notification that...
  4. Old Mouseketeer

    Toronto Disneyland

    I'm surprised this didn't get any play. This is HUGE!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'s HUGE...for April Fools. The writer shows a keen understanding of Disney Theme Parks with a keen sense of irony. I must confess...
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