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    Rumor Dropping the "Walt" from "Walt Disney World"

    I’m still waiting on that Super Adventurerer’s Club
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    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    Did he want in on that sweet short lived buffet? Or the QS steaks on the DDP?
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    DLR attendance policy

    I wonder how many of those CMs were making their way out of their sick bed to MOG anytime there was a pin release
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    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    Do they still increase prices in August?
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    DLR attendance policy

    The question is what changed? That sounds boilerplate
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    DLR attendance policy

    Seeing some scuttlebutt on the tweeter about a change to the policy that doesn’t work in the casts favor. What changed so drastically?
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    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    Hasn’t anyone still posting here been following @WDW Pro on YouTube? I think we’re all well aware of his track record perhaps we should listen….
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    News More character appearances are coming to Walt Disney World Resort hotels this summer

    The second vehicle is standard overlays not 50th they’re all over insta
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    Where do the Dr Strange park rights lie?

    The universal contract was inked in 97. Dr Strange joined the Avengers in 98. So unless he’s on that mural I don’t think universal has a claim
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    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    It looks like a really nice hospital cafeteria
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    Peephole in Epcot bathroom?

    There was a hole drilled between two of the stalls in the SE mens stalls 10ish years ago. May have been from a relocated tp holder but creepy nonetheless
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    Major Grand Floridian Refurbishment

    The corral pens are abominable
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    Major Grand Floridian Refurbishment

    That whole area needs to be blown up
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    Easter 2022

    Do you really think the snowflakes could handle that?
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    EasyWDW Passes Away

    RIP-his time here on magic was cut short by his acerbic wit. May his spirit live on
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    Disney negotiating the LOTR rights!

    Do I have the power to summon @WDW Pro to see if this is utter rubbish?
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Balllroom of Americas 2nd floor. You passed it if you ever took the escalator
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