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  1. Greenlawler

    Higdon....Intermidiate 2 vs Dopey

    I am not sure when Higdon released an actual seperate training plan for Dopey? It may have been years ago, but I just never noticed. Intermidiate 2 was always my default Goofy/Dopey training plan. I am 5 weeks into Dopey training and just saw the Higdon Dopey training schedule.....OMG it is...
  2. Greenlawler

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    I have not seen a thread like this. If there was one, I apologize. Mods can delete. I was there yesterday for the 50th. I was so excited. However as I arrived at MK and waited for an hour to see the spectacle, I realized, I had played this wrong. WDW did not have much planned aside from...
  3. Greenlawler

    Weirdest Training Expericnces.

    So we all have run hundreds and thousands of miles training for Disney races. What is your best crazy training story.... Mine is.. One day I was doing a simple 6 mile run on a service road near my house when I saw a dead deer on the side of road, about 70 yards ahead, and a guy checking him...
  4. Greenlawler

    Return To Sleepy Hollow....

    Any word on if this event is coming back in 2020? WE attended in 2017, 2018 and loved it. Probably the main reason we chose November last year over October was that they did not run this event, Hoping for a Return of the Return.
  5. Greenlawler

    Your post Disney race tradition

    Do you have any traditions that you do after finishing a Disney Race? Mine are: Asking for more than one box and eating the cheese. Getting Ice for my calves and knees along side a a beverage then limping to the finish line to wait and get a glimpse of my wife finishing. If it is our last race...
  6. Greenlawler

    WDW Marathon Weekend Historical Reference

    Edited 7/06/22 After running 17 years of these WDW weekends myself, I tend to get them confused. There are some historical blogs and offerings out there but none are really insightful for a year by year reference. This could be the place. For an event that has been so significant to many of...
  7. Greenlawler

    Just for fun....who is your favorite runDisney announcer?

    Love them all.....but I have my fav. John constantly says things that make me laugh out loud. Carissa is a close second, and who does not like Creigh? Rudy is okay, nice guy, ,meet him at DL once.
  8. Greenlawler

    The Crowds this year at WDW weekend were not runDisney's fault

    I know this could be a part of the larger WDW Marathon thread but I think it's a stand alone thread, If the mods don't agree, that is obviously fine, and their discretion. I heard all weekend people in lines all over the parks blaming the marathoner's for the insane crowds. I mean 100 minute...
  9. Greenlawler

    Any word on specific dates for Phantom Manor refurb?

    Going next September and Phantom Manor is a huge draw as I am a major league HM fan.... Anyone have any info?
  10. Greenlawler

    Hey Gang yet another load of first timer questions

    Okay with the cancellation of this year's DL half marathon, we (wife and I) are taking the plunge and coming to DLP for the DLP half-marathon weekend. We are huge Disney people (obviously), I mean huge. So we want to see everything. And I know I am weird but I am much more interested in DLP...
  11. Greenlawler

    Your All-Time Favorite RunDisney medals

    Just like the title says: So what are your favorite runDisney Medals of all time? Solely based on the medals looks not any other reason. Here are my top 10: I started with top three, then top 5 and then decided, "heck I'll just do ten." 1: 2012 Disney World Half 15th Anniversary : 2: 2013...
  12. Greenlawler

    2017 Grumpy Challenge (WDW Marathon Weekend '17)

    Well, This is going to be long so I will break it into 2 parts....I hope some of you read this part because what happened this weekend is something I just have to share. I have been at every Disney Marathon for the past decade and I can safely say this one was the most memorable. I thought it...
  13. Greenlawler

    Back In Time WDW Marathon 2008 my first race report

    So almost 10 years ago I started this journey, I am not sure any of you are interested at all. But over the next few days I will reprint all eight parts of my first race blog I originally posted in MySpace back in early 2008. It's long but I got a kick in re-visiting it. Part One: Now A...
  14. Greenlawler

    Registration dates for this years races have been moved way up

    So apparently the signups for all Disney races are getting moved. The DL half races are now beginning registration next week! As opposed to January in years past. Wine and Dine is early January. WDW Marathon Weekend will have signups in February! I understand the reasoning I just hate it for...
  15. Greenlawler

    Who is second?

    I think we can all agree that obviously Mickey is Disney's most iconic/important character. However there are spells where other characters are more profitable to be sure. Some of Mickey's closest friends have even surpassed him for periods. So of all of the Disney company's creations who is the...
  16. Greenlawler

    Who do you send race feedback to? (characters)

    I am not sure who I send feedback to about my specific issue.... I know most of you who reply on here are committed runners, who happen to be Disney fans. Long story short my DW and I started running Disney over a decade ago because of the characters. As I have gotten more serious about...
  17. Greenlawler

    Your Favorite Running Shoe Brand?

    I like polls, I think they are fun. Since I started running I have always been fascinated with the different types of shoes and brands. I started running with Asics but quickly discovered Saucony... For years I prefered Saucony, but came around to Nike recently. I still wear New Balance on...
  18. Greenlawler

    Closest Hotel to Disneyland Hotel?

    We booked the DL Hotel for the races over Labor Day weekend, but decided to save some money on Thursday night and stay at a less expensive hotel. Looking for the closest hotel, thoughts?
  19. Greenlawler

    How fast are the races filling up compared to the past?

    Just curious, Two Things: 1. Does anyone keep up with how fast each race sells out? I have always thought the fastest selling races were in order,.. 1. WDW Marathon Weekend Half Marathon 2. The Princess Weekend Half Marathon 3. The Wine and Dine Half Marathon 4. WDW Marathon Weekend 5k 5...
  20. Greenlawler

    Of these what's your favorite (current or defunct) RunDisney event?

    Just curious to see what people here think. Obviously I did not include the WDW Star Wars race because it has not happened yet ;). Maybe in April that will become a write in candidate? So what is your favorite? Here are the qualifiers. a.) This is your personal favorite b.) This includes the...
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