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  1. Kristamouse

    How early for early entrance

    It’s been a minute since our last WDW trip and posting here… We are checking in to CBR tomorrow, first stay there. How early do we need to be at park entrances? Any idea how early guest services opens? We need add the DAS pass for my son. I tried so many times to preregister but could not get a...
  2. Kristamouse

    Any guesses on Christmas decorations?

    Hubs and I are hoping to sneak down the first week of November. Historically this is the change over week from Halloween to Christmas. any guesses as to when Christmas will start? I am hoping the dates are still the same but thinking with less CM’s it could be later
  3. Kristamouse

    Why is Thunder down? 4/24

    Any ideas on why Thunder is down on April 24th? Have some curious kids that keep asking CM’s with no answer. They are hoping it opens soon...
  4. Kristamouse

    Valet Contemporary parking question...

    I do not want to brake any rules. We are staying off site. We have NO dining plans at Contemporary. Caw we pay to valet park at the Contemporary and walk to and from MK? Because we HATE leaving MK at night🤦‍♀️🙈🤷‍♀️
  5. Kristamouse

    Which is the better way to plan: crowd level or best park?

    Hubs and I have been discussing this in circles all day... Would you pick the day you are touring a park based on Crowd Preditcions OR based on a best day for that park? Our example: 4/18 busier week, best day based on just about every crowd calendar OR 4/24 slower predictions, worst day to...
  6. Kristamouse

    Last minute, as in next Thursday...Am I crazy?

    We have over 20 trips with our family of 8 from way back in 2002. This will be the first I plan in a week. Going to Naples for Spring Break to see the Grands. They are offering to pay for a chunk of the tickets as an Easter treat for kids. We can go only Thursday 18th or Wednesday the 24th and...
  7. Kristamouse

    Any details on the park ticket?

    I am in a few FB groups and some have mentioned sometime in January (18th-19th) that park tickets will be on sale? Does anyone have any additional info on this? Is it just another rumor? We are going to Naples in the Spring and cheap tickets sounds tempting for a detour;) Thanks!
  8. Kristamouse

    For the first time in Forever 😢

    **This is First World Problem Post** Like the title says, for the First Time In Forever, we don’t have a trip to plan. We have been attending WDW a few times a year since my first trip in 2001, Hubs went a few times as a child. We have 20+ trips under our belt on and off property and a for a few...
  9. Kristamouse

    Anyone still have wdwmagic merchandise?

    I do, my pin is somewhere on me at each trip :)
  10. Kristamouse

    The Flu 😷

    Good Morning:) The reports on the news, from my Husband that works in a hospital and various Disney Groups on FB have me super nrevous. My family of 8 leaves next week. Currently we are all healthy. We did not receive the flu shot and it seems like a it’s not working anyway. Our 13yo had...
  11. Kristamouse

    Guest assistance clue where to start

    We leave on the 25th with our 6 children ages 13 to 2. We are AP holders and have many, many trips under belts. Over the last few months I have become more and more Nervous about our 7year old. He is going though diagnosis with our Pediatrician and some Other Doc’s currently. He is exhibiting...
  12. Kristamouse

    ADR for Yak and Yeti hard to find???

    Having a hard time getting and ADR at Yak and Yeti for our family of 8 on January 28th. We got our FP’s at 30 days out with no problem (except FOP). Is it a small restruant? Just a little surprised...
  13. Kristamouse

    Dreaming about Disney

    While sleeping to you dream about being in Disney? In general I dream about whatever is going on in my life. We are headed back down in January and I have been making our FP choices and figuring out where to say. Last night I had a very stressful dream about wondering around MK with my family...
  14. Kristamouse

    Target 10% off Gift Cards on 12-3-17

    All, Target has 10% off Gift cars on 12/3!!!! Just a PSA, delete if needed. I am stocking up for our January trip. Happy Holidays
  15. Kristamouse

    Good Neighbor Hotels are getting 60+ days out FP??

    Just saw on a FB fan page that Good Neighbor Hotels are getting FP+ at 60 days out...? True? Because as a family of 8 we love the Homewood Suites two room suites... I did a search and didn't see anything posted
  16. Kristamouse

    Silver Pass January Dates question

    Because of the Science Fair and sports tournaments we can not travel the last week in January this year. We are looking at traveling January 1st through the 6th. 1st question with our silver AP we are blacked out until the 3rd. Does Disney ever move up Black out dates? 2nd question when do...
  17. Kristamouse

    Where do you stash your phone? Ladies, suggestions

    I noticed on our last trip that my park outfits don't have pockets! I have some simple dresses and Capri leggings/ tanks that I wear. We have a place on our stroller but I kept finding times when I needed a place stash my phone. Hubs and I share caring a back pack with our valuables. We stash...
  18. Kristamouse

    Rope Drop plan???

    We are AP holders arriving May 25th. I was not able to get any FP's yet for either Pandora expietence. Could we do rope drop and try to do one or Both attractions? We have never have never had a trip line up with a new Land opening so we are It sure of Protocol i.e., must you have FO's Or is...
  19. Kristamouse

    Rivers of light question

    How is stand by for Rivers of Light? We are arriving on Mid day on May 26th and thinking of heading to AK for Rivers of Light. At this point no FP's are available and we will keep checking. What time do you need to line up for the Show for standby? Is standby available? ROL was not open for our...
  20. Kristamouse

    Can I just Grrrr! For a sec about planning our May trip

    We are new AP holders and a large family (we have 6 Dis-need kids.) We have 20+ trips under our belt and even the kids know their way around the parks and are quite knowledgeable about the parks. I am planning our May trip as our 30 day window is open. At 5:00am there are so few FP's available...
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