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    Never thought it would... but it's happening this December... on the Wonder. My first cruise-

    So, my friends FINALLY took their honeymoon... 12 years later... after being cancelled on in June 2020 and finally taking a Disney cruise to Alaska on the Wonder a couple months ago. They had some interesting responses to the adventure and ultimately told me that they experienced the Disney...
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    Disney popcorn bucket chaos, how long will the lines be this time?

    The Figment popcorn bucket was certainly something... with people waiting in an estimated 6+ hour long line to earn the right of shiny plastic glory... First thing I thought of when I saw the Electrical Parade popcorn bucket (and sippy cup which more friends of mine have commented on)... is how...
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    Any word on Takumi Tei?

    I've noticed it's not open yet. We're going in November and I was hoping to dine there... I'm crossing my fingers.
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    Let's talk Disney again... WDW comparisons and musings from a DL fan-

    SO, I just got back from my 2020 Spite Trip to Disney World and it was a blast! We had a great time, visited all 4 parks, drank a ton, wore our masks and probably consumed as much alcohol through our hands due to all the sanitizer dispensers all over the place. Since I’ve spent so much time at...
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    My comments on Disney's covid precautions (as of 12/21/20)-

    Just got back from my 2020 Spite Trip... it was great. We had an awesome time and it was well needed and did us all good. Needless to say, the parks look quite a bit different and there are many things in place... for those wanting to get an idea of what safety protocols Disney has in place...
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    Spite Trip December 2020-

    Greetings from the Disneyland forum side of the site. I've had it, that's it, I'm sick of all the 'rona shenanigans... I'm sick of not being able to dine in restaurants... I'm sick of not be able to do practically ANYTHING... a couple weeks ago I decided I was going to go mountain hiking...
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    The Parking Structure is a friggin disaster

    Left the park a while ago. We parked top floor of Pixar earlier today. We have spent the last 30 minutes just hanging out near the escalators just talking... As there is no reason to get in our car. We've watched 30 minutes and the car in the far SE corner has moved ONE CAR LENGTH. All...
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    Future Disneyland Resort run weekends cancelled?

    Has anyone heard this rumor? I've heard from a few friends that it 'will' be announced soon that ALL Disney run weekends will be cancelled at the Disneyland Resort for the foreseeable future. Their source was 'the internet'. Would not be surprised due to Disney's unprofessional lack of...
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    OK, lets talk cutbacks and lowered quality at DLR-

    Let me pull up the ole micechat soapbox... because I gotta say something after my experience last night... I've been visiting Disneyland on a rather regular basis (what can I say, I'm a passhole) and I will admit, that in recent months, things have notably gone downhill. From ride operations...
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    Food and Wine Festival review (expensive cheap crap)-

    Ready for a rant? Grab that bagel and your non-fat soybean watercress latte and read on! So, I went to the Food and Wine Festival rather unexpectedly yesterday after I was informed I was being dragged to a 'vodka tasting' event at DCA. So, we showed up... and I had no idea what to expect...
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