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  1. Stitchiegrl23

    Hidden Mickey Picture Of The Day

    When shes ready to retired.....I'm going to fight my hardest for it to be a Tri-Circle D Ranch!
  2. Stitchiegrl23

    The great stroller dilema

    Well I meant when she was young, however, I think its a little rude of you to judge without knowing me. What if my 10 yr old had a disability and you questioned me? Not everyone's child is the same..💯💯✔✅✔
  3. Stitchiegrl23

    The great stroller dilema

    This visit our youngest is 2.5 almost 3 (had to sneak in that last no ticket visit for her before to late) and I know from last yr. and previous visits with our now 10 yr old she will DEFINITELY need a stroller. Trust and believe I am not a parent who thinks "oh maybe she will be alright"
  4. Stitchiegrl23

    My Unpopular WDW Opinion - post yours!

    I love hearing parents say..don't hit your sister (or whomever) with that!! Like your gonna buy your five yr old a light up weapon and they aren't going to hit someone with it lol......can't take it!!!
  5. Stitchiegrl23

    Rope Drop first timer questions

    Thanks for the advice.. we are going to try and do as many as possible but def. Mk and AK we will be there in july.
  6. Stitchiegrl23

    Trip Report Fairytales Do Come True...

    Sooooooooo soo happy for need grey stuff instead of chocolate cake at the wedding!! First time reading trip reports and WOW another pittsburgh gal! Now you have a ring and a new cup!!!! Lol best wishes
  7. Stitchiegrl23

    Rope Drop first timer questions

    I already can see in my mind the mean comments so let me say first I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! I have been told by countless people how much you can get done if you are at rope drop, and let's face it parks no longer stay open as late as they use to. Even though I have been to WDW more times...
  8. Stitchiegrl23

    Clip On Fans

    Last trip we bought a mickey fan and it literally fell apart after an hour we exchanged for another which didn't last long either!! This time we are trying to get one ahead of time like you because the plan to get a "cutesie" one in the park went pfffffffffff last time!!! So happy you raised...
  9. Stitchiegrl23

    How to suprise my kiddos?????

    Myrtle Beach is just a decoy.....I think she will be so excited when she finds out!
  10. Stitchiegrl23

    Extra Fastpasses???

    Last year by the Rapunzel bathroom near the stroller parking area, a wonderful cast member came up and asked my kids if they could find some hidden Pascals in the area (I forget how many but at least 5). They looked around and pointed them out she gave them some clues then handed them some paper...
  11. Stitchiegrl23

    How to suprise my kiddos?????

    This trip I have decided not to tell my kids ahead of time that we are going to Disney for vacation. I've always wanted to suprise my oldest, 9yr old girl, but have always gotten way to excited to keep it in. I know some people are going to judge and think this is lame but I know I only have a...
  12. Stitchiegrl23

    Which FP: Flight of Passage or Na'vi River Journey?

    Ya I'm going through this same issue...I book fast passes at midnight for July visit, I have a 9 and a 2 yr old so one can do FOP and the other cant. I've considered the dad and 9 yr old FP for FOP and myself and 2yr old do the boat ride (I mean other than the safari and tricaritops she can't...
  13. Stitchiegrl23

    The simplest things.....

    Sitting outside Mexico with a big old plate of nachos looking out at the lagoon and over world showcase........agh so good
  14. Stitchiegrl23

    Animal Kingdom

  15. Stitchiegrl23

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    What's with this guy??? Lol
  16. Stitchiegrl23

    Descendants, Teen Beach Movie & High School Musical

    I think my 8 yr. old watches Descendents at least once a day...we had to go to Kohl's and buy the clothes for the start of school. We looked at Target for Mal costume and they were out. She asked me if they would have Descendants stuff when we go to Disney in June and I said I didn't know for...
  17. Stitchiegrl23

    Anything besides Coke

    My husband has a Mt. Dew addiction so the coke thing is an issue for him at Disney. Hes cool with the Mello Yello substitution though but he only found it randomly in a few vending machines.....I seem to remember one was in EPCOT maybe in the Land but I know he paid something ridiculous like...
  18. Stitchiegrl23

    Post Something You Miss

    I miss the peanut brittle they use to actually make in the Main street Bakery....workers have told me it's seasonal but haven't seen it in years nor has anyone I've sent looking for it!!!!!
  19. Stitchiegrl23

    Teppan Edo

    I feel as though I get more food and see more "flare" from the habachi we have at home. I know they don't have the range hoods over the grill tables so they are a little limited in the show portion because of this. Many other hibachi places I've been to you get a soup salad shrimp app. And then...
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