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  1. tiggerzgirl83

    Need some advice

    Has anyone eaten dinner at Be our Guest yet? If so, how was it? I was thinking about eating there on my honeymoon. So far I chose: Cape May Cafe, Ohanas dinner, Chef Mickey breakfast, Whispering Canon Cafe dinner, TRex, and Tellan Edo. :)
  2. tiggerzgirl83

    World Showcase Segway Tour done?

    Would anyone happen to know if WDW did away with the World Showcase Sewgway Tour?
  3. tiggerzgirl83

    Around the World @ Epcot segway tour

    Has anyone here do the around the world at epcot segway tour? If so, how was it and how much did it cost? I wanted to look into booking it as a surprise for my boyfriend. We will be in WDW in 34 days :sohappy: and I wanted to do something special for our 10 month anniversary. Im a big Disney...
  4. tiggerzgirl83

    Disney Netbook Question

    I was wondering if anyone has seen or owns the Disney Netbook mini laptop. I love it and I want to buy one for myself but I was curious if its worth it to buy because its for kids. It does everything a regular laptop does but parents can set parental controls on it and stuff. Its adorable and...
  5. tiggerzgirl83

    Does anyone know....

    My Aunts family went to Disney last week and stayed at the Contemporary for a week and had a pretty bad trip because they all had the stomach flu and even had to take a trip to the hospital for dehidration. What is causing this? Im starting to hear it an awful lot down there. They were also...
  6. tiggerzgirl83

    Oh my gosh!! What to do now?

    Ok, I am so stressed. My boyfriend and I booked a trip Nov 14-21 with my family so its 14 of us going. It will be our first vacation together and we have been counting down the days and we were sooo excited. Now he has been laid off from his union for awhile so he didnt have to worry about work...
  7. tiggerzgirl83

    I need 2 vent :(

    My sister and my mom left for Disney on Sunday and they come back home on Saturday. They are staying at POFQ and they absolutely love it there. Anyway, I was actually suppose to go on this trip but I had to pay 4 college. This is the first year they went without me and I have been sad ever since...
  8. tiggerzgirl83

    Now I'm Sad :(

    I work as a security officer in the Deptford Mall and I just went in the Disney Store to browse around like I always do to get that magical feeling, anyway, they were playing the song that they play at Ohana's character breakfest. I don't know the name of it but I love it and it gets stuck in...
  9. tiggerzgirl83

    I miss Disney World

    I just got back from WDW saturday night. I never felt this sad when I return home. I had soooo much fun. The crowds were light and the lines were as well. I think 20 minutes was the longest I waited for a ride. The Haunted Mansion was cool, I love the new bride, she is creepy. The audio...
  10. tiggerzgirl83

    Disney Dreams Anyone

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this was posted yet, but have any of you dreamed about Disney before? I was just wondering if I'm the only weirdo.:lol: Yesterday I listened to the whole Magic Podcast that was posted in the Gargoyle whisper post for the Haunted Mansion...I went to bed and had a...
  11. tiggerzgirl83

    ID Question (HELP)

    Do you need to bring any identification with you on you trip for your child between the ages 2-8. For instance, determining whether your child is really 2? My friend is going down next week with her 3 year old and she booked her trip in January and payed for her and her son was 2 so they didnt...
  12. tiggerzgirl83

    Who's going to be at Disney World Nov.11-17th?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering who was going to be at Waly Disney World Nov.11-17th..... What hotel did you choose and what park are you visiting first? I am staying at Port Orleans Riverside for the first time and I am going to Magic Kingdom on our first day. Just wanted to spark up a...
  13. tiggerzgirl83

    Mission Space Question

    It will be my little cousins 1st time to Disney World in November. He is 8 and he loves rides. I told him all about them and even showed him on ride videos and he is so excited to go. He was just worried about Mission Space. He said he is scared to go on only because people getting sick on the...
  14. tiggerzgirl83

    How is Coral Reef

    I planned a dinner ressy at Coral Reef for November 12th this year and I never ate there before. Its going to be me, my 21 year sis, aunt, uncle and their kids which are 3 and 8. I was wondering how the food is there, how the atmosphere is, the people that work there, the cleanliness. I just...
  15. tiggerzgirl83

    Motion Sickness Question

    This November will be my little cousins 1st trip to Disney world. They are boys ages 2 and 8. The 2 year old gets car sick if riding in the car for long periods of time. I was wondering if anyone has kids with this problem or knows of anyone with this problem. What can you give a 2 year old...
  16. tiggerzgirl83

    Dining Plan Question

    For those that have used the dining plan, I'm a bit confused...This year will be my first time using the dining plan and I was curious how it actually works as far as reservations, how much you have to spend on each meal and if there is a limit per day per meal, is it a seperate card you get or...
  17. tiggerzgirl83

    Stroller Question..Need Help

    I'm not sure if this was posted already and I apologize if it was, it's just so hard to keep up with all of these threads. But anyway, I go to Disney in 4 months and it will be my first time with little kids (my cousins). One is 2 and a half. We are bringing one of those Jeep strollers with the...
  18. tiggerzgirl83

    Need advice...Help me

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering, I am going back to Disney World in November but this time with my little cousins. One is two years old and happens to be turning 3 during our trip. Now here is the question, 2 year olds get in free, do they check ID information to see if your two old is 2...
  19. tiggerzgirl83

    Where is Jack Sparrow?

    I am not sure if this thread was already posted because I really dont go on often but I was wondering if anyone knows when the Jack Sparrow pirate comes out for pictures and autographs...I did not see him last year and I want to catch him on my next trip in 5 months...Thanks everyone:kiss:
  20. tiggerzgirl83

    soarin question

    This may be a dumb question but i was curious...those that have been on SOARIN in epcot, do you think a 3 1/2 year old can go on that ride?
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