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  1. Prototype82

    Interactive Attractions in the Near Future

    I keep wondering what the future of some of our favorite interactive features might be post re-opening. One of the most satisfying things for me at Animal Kingdom is to sip on a drink and play the drums in Pandora or Africa. Will places be roped off for months? Will surfaces just be constantly...
  2. Prototype82

    No more cobblestone in France Pavilion?

    I've been browsing instagram and reading bits of from other news outlets...What is up with the flat brown pavement that's making its way onto the Parisian Street? It would greatly damage the look and feel of the pavilion to lose the cobblestone look entirely... Anyone know what's up?
  3. Prototype82

    Rumor Pandora - Adding Live Entertainment?

    I was talking to one of the dress shirt and slacks-wearing cast members at Windtraders who was trying to get a feel for how me and a friend felt about the new drum ceremony. (Although I miss the original, the actors were phenomenal with me yesterday!) He said be on the look out for live...
  4. Prototype82

    Pandora Drum Circle Replacement/Change in development

    I went to the Pandoran drum circle last Friday the 26th and noticed the drum surfaces were fully repaired and in perfect condition. I've seen them repaired before so I thought nothing of this. In hopes of seeing the show, I asked a merch cart cast member when I should expect the show to begin...
  5. Prototype82

    Corporate Trips/Mass Fastpass Planning

    The company I'm working for is possibly planning an Animal Kingdom company trip and I was going to help get the ball moving on some planning. Does anyone know if there's some sort of corporate day package you can buy with fast passes and tickets? I would imagine, if such a package exists, it...
  6. Prototype82

    Discovery Island Trails Status

    A few weeks ago was my first trip to DAK in years, and I didn't get a chance to explore Discovery Island as much as I wanted to. So my question is...What is the state of the trails? I remember a few years ago they were closed off after the branch accident, then reopened with nets... Are the...
  7. Prototype82

    Is there any point in "Epcot" anymore?

    Disney seems to feel no need to make it a unique place anymore. Since this is a general discussion post, I do hope it's okay that I post something so broad. Is there any hope for France NOT becoming the Ratatouille pavilion? Could Fitzgerald realistically push the higher-ups to build a 3D...
  8. Prototype82

    Gaston Chair Refurb / Rose effect off

    I visited Gaston's Tavern on Thursday the 20th. Gaston's chair is away for a refurb. Glad to see they're not letting it get torn up without any care. So don't exactly expect to get your picture taken with it this week. Feel free to post an update here when it's back! With all my complaints...
  9. Prototype82

    Massive King Triton Statue Added-

    I discovered that a large King Triton statue was added in front of the DVC kiosk in Prince Eric's village on another Disney news site... Am I permitted to share? In any case, is there a chance the DVC kiosk is temporary? Or is there a chance it could share space for a small shop or cart? Perhaps...
  10. Prototype82

    New theming added to Boulangerie Patisserie

    To those of you who complained about the lack of theming in the new France Pavilion bakery, it seems Disney has answered your request. I probably got a little too excited over something so subtle. There are a few added details and props scattered about the walls now. For those in fear of the...
  11. Prototype82

    Germany Pavilion's Egg Painter has passed away

    Today when I went to the Germany Pavilion I noticed that the egg-painter was not present. Her desk was empty and her chair was still there, but there were no eggs present. I hadn't been to this part of the pavilion in quite some time so I hadn't seen it in this state. I asked a German cast...
  12. Prototype82

    Les Chefs roof change?

    Les Chefs des France seems to have a new paint job and it's making me nervous. It completely lacks any antiquing and the roof of the building is now brown instead of donning charming oxidation from weather. The same can be said about the walls. From what I understand, there's two kinds of...
  13. Prototype82

    Fort Langhorn Escape Tunnel

    I read a report about the escape tunnel being boarded up on Tom Sawyer Island. Is this temporary or is it the likely result of lawyer worries? This is kind of depressing. Also, can anyone confirm if this happened before or after the Boston bombings? Disney likes to be risky, within reason, by...
  14. Prototype82

    Prop blaster pistol in park?

    Hello all. I've been planning on going to Star Wars weekends as Han Solo. I have an old orange blaster pistol from when I was a kid and I want to paint it black and use it as a prop. So here's my question. Would security let me bring in such a prop? And if they did, could it get confiscated?
  15. Prototype82

    "It's a trap" Star Tours Easter egg

    Possible spoilers ahead! Making sure I wasn't hearing things, but on my first visit to Hollywood Studios in ages, I finally checked out the new Star Tours. I was kind of disappointed Admiral Akbar didn't deliver his famous quote during the ride but on one of my final rides before leaving the...
  16. Prototype82

    Snow not quite the same on Beast's Castle

    Did anyone else notice that when they repainted the patched up roof on the entrance way on Beast's Castle, they just sort of made it look like it was dusted on? The snow effect looked so great on it originally. There's still a "Step-ladder" up on the bridge. Are they going to put more work into?
  17. Prototype82

    Video-game based themed restaurant

    If you could have only one of these video-game based restaurants in a theme park, which would you choose? The Winking Skeever Lon Lon Ranch Milk Bar Mushroom Kingdom Dining Hall (whatever else you might add)
  18. Prototype82

    Do you ever wish Disney would venture into 3D rides?

    I'm not talking about Star Tours(which I'm hoping to check out Spring Break) But rides like Transformers and The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Personally, if a Tron attraction ever came to fruition, that's probably the format I'd want to see it in. Opinions? Your own ride fantasies?
  19. Prototype82

    What park has the most working effects?

    It's been awhile since I went to the World and I'm planning a trip. I don't know what park to pick and having dark rides that are actually functioning properly is a big factor.
  20. Prototype82

    Will Disney water-down Avatar?

    What do you think we'll see in the attractions? Will we be taking down evil antagonists for the sake of conservation or will it be tame sight-seeing? I mean, we can't even hunt poachers anymore. Will the themes of the film stay intact? What do you expect(or hope to see)?
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