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  1. zero creativity

    Space mountain ears

    Does anyone know if they still have the space mountain main attraction ears? They are the only ones my son wants and they appear to be out everywhere. I think I can get them on shopdisney, but he wants them as his park souvenir.
  2. zero creativity

    Military tickets

    I was wondering if anybody had an experience using the military tickets with the park reservation system. Is it harder to book reservations beforehand?
  3. zero creativity

    Events in and around Orlando

    Does anyone know or know where to find a list of events like Cheerleading or football championships in Orlando. We are going to be there for like a day or two in early March for a dance championship and was curious as to what else’s might be going on there
  4. zero creativity

    Friends at DisneyWorld

    Saw this article about Friends today and how they pitched an episode at Magic Kingdom. I guess this qualifies as news
  5. zero creativity

    Riviera resort

    We are planning to stay at the riviera resort this summer. Since it is fairly new, does anyone have any tips or can’t miss things to try? How is transportation to MK and AK?
  6. zero creativity

    Big group

    I might have asked before, can’t find the post if I did. My MIL wants to take the whole family to WDW for vacation. It would be a total of 8 adults, 2 teens and 7 kids. What would be our best options if we stay on property? I know we would be looking at at least 4 rooms? Any ideas?
  7. zero creativity

    Room keys

    I was trying to figure out the last time I actually had a metal room key instead of a card or something similar. Does anyone know when Disney got rid of metal keys?
  8. zero creativity

    Is calling better than checking the website

    We are heading down in mid October (17-20) for MNSSHP and are staying at POR. We hop to upgrade to Wilderness Lodge but nothing is available on the website. Is it better to keep checking the website for availability or just to call?
  9. zero creativity

    New pirates movie

    Movie web posted a rumor that the pirates reboot is going to be based on Red from the new wench scene
  10. zero creativity

    Poly studio

    Has anybody ever stayed in one of the studios with 4 people? Our next trip will be 4 people, 2 adults and 2 teens. Trying to save money on the next trip and thought this might be a good option.
  11. zero creativity

    Creature Comforts AK

    My son just watched a video on YouTube that showed the colossal cinnamon roll at Creature Comforts. Unfortunately he has a tree but allergy. Has anybody every seen the allergy menu there? We always double check before he has anything, but if it was an absolute no, then we wouldn't even bother...
  12. zero creativity

    Dining options for tweens

    Happy holidays everyone! Tomorrow (the 26th) begins our 180 day window for reservations for dining. Our kids will be 10 and 13 on our trip and I know that they are no longer on the kids menu. They will probably not be able to eat all of the food on the adult menu. Last time we were down we...
  13. zero creativity

    WWE Park

    Just saw this come across
  14. zero creativity

    quickest magical express

    Was just curious, what is/was the quickest magical express trip. The only times that we have used it was to ASM, and that was fairly quick from the resort to the airport. The other 2 times we have used it was for OKW and POFQ. Each time it felt like it took forever to get from the resort back...
  15. zero creativity

    Poly Studios

    We are planning to go back in 2018 and I was looking at the studio rooms at the Polynesian. My kids will be 10 and 13 when we go. Has anybody stayed in a studio with a family of four? Is there enough room or is it too cramped?
  16. zero creativity

    Tacky tourist (spirit week)

    Tomorrow is tacky tourist day for spirit week at my school. All in good fun, and for some ideas, what does a WDW tacky tourist look like?
  17. zero creativity

    Scooter accident

    On Tuesday at Epcot a woman yelled watch out as she ran over my daughter's foot with her scooter. We had to go to first aid and we filled out an incident report. Today we called claims and they said that since it was a person to person incident, that Disney probably wouldn't do anything. Does...
  18. zero creativity

    Great Wolf Lodge

    Not sure if this is in the right forum or not, but Great Wolf looks to be opening a resort near WDW. Not sure if there would be a demand for it or not.
  19. zero creativity

    Meeting Jack and Sally

    We are going down for the Halloween party at the beginning of October and I just saw a picture of the line to meet Jack and Sally. How long is the wait realistically? I've read some places that you need to get in line at 5:30. Does the wait get less as the night goes on?
  20. zero creativity

    Allergies at MNSSHP

    We are going down for MNSSHP in October. My son is allergic to tree nuts and I read somewhere that they have special treats for trick or treating. Has anybody had experience with this? And how do I go about arranging it?
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