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  1. micknminnie

    Cheer Groups crowds?

    Hi. We are visiting the first week of May. I’ve read that cheer completions are still happening in Disney this year the last week of April and into May. Do you think crowds would be comparable to President’s week? Thanks!
  2. micknminnie

    Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas Check in

    We are staying here for the first time in October. This will be our first time staying off property. I booked this resort after seeing it listed as a Good Neighbor Hotel and got a good rate by signing up with their rewards program. Anyway, I was reading reviews and seen a few that said...
  3. micknminnie

    Old Magic Bands and linking hard tickets

    We are staying off site for the first time ever in October. We are just doing the Halloween party and a day at Epcot. I bought our tickets through Undercover Tourist. If I link my tickets to MDE will they automatically be attached to the active Magic Bands? (I have multiple active bands...
  4. micknminnie

    Has anyone stayed in a Pop refurned room and not like it?

    Has anyone stayed in a Pop refurbed room and not like it and why?
  5. micknminnie

    MK EMH during Spring Break

    Our only MK day happens to be a day when there is a 7:00 EMH opening. We have never done EMH and I usually try to avoid parks that have them, but this is the only day we can do MK. Anyone have any advice on how to survive? I am planning on being at the buses at 6:15 to get us there at...
  6. micknminnie

    Prefferred vs. Standard at All Star Music

    Is it worth booking a preferred room at All Star Music? I noticed the layout of the resort is different then the other values and it seems as though the some of the buildings are far back from the main building. I normally do not pay for preferred but I am thinking after looking at a map I may...
  7. micknminnie

    Mom's Night Out

    Does Pop Century still do the Mom's Night Out dinner specials?
  8. micknminnie

    Chef Mickey's

    How hard is it to get a Chef Mickey dinner ressie at 180 mark for 5:00 or so for 7 people?
  9. micknminnie

    OKW to DTD walkable?

    Can you walk from OKW to DTD?
  10. micknminnie

    Dining plan and DVC

    My in laws are DVC members and we are staying with them on our upcoming trip. We all decided to get dining. Now, we plan on buying a five day park tickets where they only want one or two days. Can we still get the dining plan even if we do not have the same type of park ticket? Or do...
  11. micknminnie

    What if part of my party decides they don't want to dine after making reservations?

    My in laws are indecisive and not sure where they want to eat. Our 180 day mark is almost here and I am not waiting until last minute to make dining reservations. If I make reservations and include them and they decide later that they do not want to go, can I call have them taking off the...
  12. micknminnie

    Grand Floridian or Bay Lake Tower?

    For a family of 8 which would you choose as far as room size? 4 adults, 4 children under 11? I've heard BLT is on the smaller side. Is this true? I don't want to feel like I am on top of each other but the though of walking to MK is enticing. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. micknminnie

    March vs. June 2014??

    Which do you think is a better time to go crowd wise? Easter is later in April this year. Do you think this would impact March crowds? I know March would be busy but do you think comparable to June? Thanks!
  14. micknminnie

    Where to stay on the drive down?

    We are driving down from Philly and want to stop somewhere along the Virginia/North Carolina border? Does anyone know of any decent/safe hotels along I-95? Thanks.
  15. micknminnie

    ? First Timer Using DVC Points

    My in laws are DVC members. They are letting us use their points for our upcoming May trip. My party consists of my family of five as well as my parents. My question is since we are traveling seperately, would my parents be able to check in before us if they arrive at the resort first? Is...
  16. micknminnie

    Welcome Centers coupon books

    We are driving down in May. We usually zip by the welcome centers on our drive down. Do you know if there is anyway you can receive a coupon book through the mail? We plan on stopping in Savannah and would like to save some money on a hotel for the night. Thanks.
  17. micknminnie

    WWYD?? - CRT or O'Hana

    Thinking ahead to our August trip, I am unsure which to do? I have three little ones ages 7, 6 and 3. I was thinking either O'Hana or Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast. My kids love anything character so I don't think it would matter which we do as far as that goes. I am just...
  18. micknminnie

    ? re: POR -Riverside Alligator Bayou/Trundle Beds

    Never stayed here and we are thinking of trying this time around. We are a family of five, so I wanted to know which buildings have rooms with the trundle beds? Thanks in advance.
  19. micknminnie

    Pop booked for August 2011?

    I am in the beginning stages of planning my next trip for the end of August, 2011. I want to take advantage of the free dining. I was just on Disney's website trying to get a price and I just got a message saying that Pop was unavailable. Could this be? I know there are a set amount of free...
  20. micknminnie

    Quick question about booking two rooms

    We are a family of five and I am planning our next vacation. We are planning on staying at Pop and I have to book two rooms to fit us. Does this mean I have to put down two separate deposits or will everything be under one reservation? Thanks for any help.
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