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  1. Lhriangel

    Halloween Costumes

    Hi all... So I finally decided what I was going to be for Halloween: Minnie Mouse. I have the ears, and the costume was on a HUGE sale on! All in all the costume is costing me less the the shipping... I need it here fast so I wasn't going to risk having it not get here in...
  2. Lhriangel


    So I haven't been to the Adventure's club for about 2-3 years due to much work and little play time, not to mention it's not my boyfriend's favorite. But I was with a friend tonight and we decided there wasn't any movies we wanted so see so we would go. OMG I had a blast hehe... Thing is... I...
  3. Lhriangel

    Gargoyles Comic

    So I realized that the next issue of the Gargoyles comic is supposed to come out next Wednesday and was wondering if anyone else was reading it. It is suprisingly very good with awesome artwork. I read alot of comics so I have it pulled for me w/the rest every time it comes out... I'm really...
  4. Lhriangel

    So.. Um.. Hello :)

    Thought I'd stop by and say hi since I've been gone so very very long. It took a bunch of strange people :animwink::goodnevil running into me at Magic Kingdom to make me realize I should stop by more often.:brick:
  5. Lhriangel

    ... even I can be a bit evil...

    I was on the phone with one of my best friends from High School last night and I mentioned to her one of my favorite sayings and she loved it and wants to get it put on T-shirts for when she comes down for her cp..... now if I can only get the wording right... So what do YOU guys think of...
  6. Lhriangel

    Where are all the night owls?

    Hello?? I want entertainment! Where is Dan when I need him? ... I miss our late night chats!!! Where IS everyone.... Come.. entertain me.. dance for me... Okay so I had too much sugar today.. hehe so sue me!
  7. Lhriangel

    Believe - there's magic in the stars

    Does anyone have this on video? I want to show my friend how much Wishes was made to resemble this firework show. If I can't find it i'll have to have someone out in Cali tape it for me. Thanks guys I really apprieciate it!
  8. Lhriangel

    Anti-Vanlentine's Day Party!

    Okay since 2002 I've been starting this thread and once again... it is time to break out the black as opposed to the red! (Isn't it sad that it's been 3 years without a valentine's date? but that's another story all together.) So who is in this year? I was thinking a classy party this year ;)!
  9. Lhriangel

    *yawns* Morning!

    Don't you just love it when a friend of yours wakes you up at 8:30 with a phone call then when you call back cause um... you kinda didn't get to the phone in time they have either turned off the phone or gone back to bed cause it went straight to voice mail.... *grumbles* Sorry.. I just got...
  10. Lhriangel

    Books: Imagineering Way and Disney Treasures

    Okay I thought I'd let everyone know about two books that are coming out that look amazing. Both are features in articles in the Summer edition of Disney Magazine. :) Imagineering Way looks awesome! It has essays by imagineers on how they open up their creativity. If the book is half as well...
  11. Lhriangel

    MAJOR insomnia..

    Okay so I've been having problems sleeping all year but rarely this bad. It's 5 AM almost and I have yet to sleep.. Either I'm way too worried or the caffine in the Excedrin Migraine I took is having unwanted effects *grr* Any ideas on how to get me to sleep?!?
  12. Lhriangel

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Woohoo.. Happy Birthday :) :)
  13. Lhriangel

    Book Lovers

    Okay everyone here knows I'm an English major, aka I love books. Well since I love books, and my mother loves books I am going to attend the LA Times book festival at UCLA this weekend *go me*. I know most people here aren't in the area but if anyone is and wants to see who is going to be...
  14. Lhriangel

    Harry Potter Fan Meet...

    Has any of you heard about the meet for adult HP fans called "Nimbus 2003"? It's supposed to be a meet between an academic conference and a fan convention. It actually looks promising and is being held second *I think* week of June at the Swan and Dolphin. I would love to go to this but ...
  15. Lhriangel

    Food and Wine Recipe

    Okay this may sound a little crazy but I'm looking for the food and wine festival recipe from 2001's Spain booth for Gazpacho. I am having a problem finding a recipe for this soup online that sounds like the one in FL. I'm about ready to give up and try one from the Food Network but I thought...
  16. Lhriangel


    Hey what happened to all our night owls? Am I alone again? lol...
  17. Lhriangel

    Anti Valentine's Day Party

    Well it's here (well or will be in an hour for those few of us who are on the west coast). I have the wine, champagne, chocolate and you guys bring on in anything else you think we will need... We deserve this day to help us feel better about all the junk lots of us have went through in the...
  18. Lhriangel

    Ring Tones for phones

    okay so yay I just got a cool new cell phone (motorola 120e). Thing was does anyone know where I can get disney ring tones? I know that sounds wierd.. but I really want when you wish upon a star...
  19. Lhriangel

    CP Alumni / Advanced Internships

    Hi everyone.. just wondering who of our CP Alumni are going to apply for Advanced Internships for this summer/fall. (BTW for anyone who did NOT know and have been waiting as patiently as I have .. okay so I'm never patient but whatever.. they are finally up.. and the list is GREAT!!) Also...
  20. Lhriangel

    Apartment Warming for Rob!!

    Okay so I know you probally won't see this for a few days (unless you have power tomorrow .. hehe or if you ever come back to your computer tonight) but just though I'd say CONGRATS! about the new apartment :). So when can I come sleep over? ;)
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