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  1. Sbk1234

    Jacob at All-Star Sports

    As the name of the thread states, Jacob at All-Star Sports was phenomenal. He checked us in upon arrival. Although I had already done the on-line check in, I still wanted to check in with a human and pick up actual key/ticket cards. Jacob was friendly, helpful, patient, and welcoming. He also...
  2. Sbk1234

    Trip Report Our (slightly) Unexpected Disney World Trip

    You can never start a trip report too soon, so I’m starting this one as I’m waiting to check out of our hotel, sadly going home today. The reason this trip is slightly unexpected is that six months ago we had no intention of going to Walt Disney World any time soon. Personally, I wanted to wait...
  3. Sbk1234

    Disney Bucket Lists

    It could be big stuff, or little, but many of us have bucket lists of things we've always wanted to do at WDW (at least for as long as we've known about some of these things) but haven't. What's on your lists? Mine include staying for a full two weeks. Riding the hot air balloon in Disney...
  4. Sbk1234

    Crowd Question

    I understand that WDW is pretty much always crowded now, there's basically no off season. I also understand that they are operating with a shortage of cast members. My understanding is they are also operating at a lower capacity than usual, as well. Due to my work schedule, I've pretty much...
  5. Sbk1234

    All-Star Sports

    Any idea if the All Star Sports is still scheduled to reopen on time? I've heard rumors that they're behind schedule, and we have reservations there for a week starting April 9. I kind of hope they're not ready so they'll have to move us somewhere else. Any other hotel would basically be an upgrade.
  6. Sbk1234

    How do you deal with FOMO?

    Am I alone in this? I have a trip to WDW coming up in a little over a month, and I'm extremely excited about it. However, due to a combination of time available and money available, we are limited to only 5 full days in the parks. I know, many people travel for much shorter lengths of time, so...
  7. Sbk1234

    Obvious question

    This may be obvious to most, but I'm a little confused. Disney Genie + seems the most like the old fastpass. In the old system you could get unlimited fastpasses, just not more than one at a time. Howevery, according to the Disney site, which says this: "You can enjoy a Disney Genie+ Lightning...
  8. Sbk1234

    What order?

    I'm planning my trip to WDW in a couple of months. So I'm trying to figure out some kind of an itinerary (VERY flexible) for each park. So just wondering, for each park, assuming getting there at rope drop, and staying at a Disney resort so able to take advantage of any early openings that are...
  9. Sbk1234

    Question about Disney College Program jobs

    My daughter is set to start up in a few weeks in the Disney College Program. She's very excited, of course. However, the situation has come up that she was given the assignment she basically was dreading: Working a quick service restaurant. Is there any way that she can try to change her...
  10. Sbk1234

    What is the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and how will it impact my trip?

    I'm heading to WDW in April, which I understand will be during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Perhaps I should already know, but what exactly is it? Is it just additional topiaries set up around the park? Will it bring much heavier crowds? Is it the type of thing I can basically ignore if...
  11. Sbk1234

    Advice for All Star Music

    I just made my hotel reservations for my April trip with my wife and 17 year old daughter. Due to finances, we are staying at the All-Star Music. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s either this or nothing. My open ended question is what advice do the experts here have for me to make the most...
  12. Sbk1234


    I'm going to have a full day to explore the resorts and Disney Springs, so I figure within that time I'll need to eat a couple of times. My dining tastes are fairly tame, (I like good ol' fashioned American food like burgers, steak, pizza, pasta, and so on) and atmosphere means a lot to me for...
  13. Sbk1234

    Advice for a non-park day

    I'll be going to WDW in the spring. While my wife and daughter spend one day at Universal, I'll be on my own to explore Walt Disney World. I basically should have the whole day to myself, to do whatever I want, except I can't go into any of the parks, including the water parks. So, what would...
  14. Sbk1234

    Great News!

    My daughter just got accepted to the Disney College Program, to start at the end of January! Not only will she get six months of a great work experience and memories to last a lifetime, but my wife and I will definitely be going to visit her for a few days before her program is over. We’re all...
  15. Sbk1234

    What's Your First Thing?

    As we all know, it's been a LONG, dry spell while Disneyland has had its doors closed. If you're like me, you've been planning your return since they first had to close down. Anyway, just for fun, when you finally do get back (or when you did get back for those who have already been since they...
  16. Sbk1234

    Resort Transportation

    I looked, but I didn't see a thread like this, so here goes. Part of the fun of a WDW trip (for me, anyways) is the resort transportation. Getting from here to there all across the resort can be an adventure in and of itself. There are so many unique ways to travel, from monorails to boats to...
  17. Sbk1234

    Attraction waits years ago?

    Is there any source I can check just to see what the average wait times were in days past for attractions to compare with today (pre-Covid)? Like comparing the wait for Space Mountain in August 2019 with Space Mountain wait in August 1980 for instance? Just wondering.
  18. Sbk1234

    How many days will make it cost effective?

    I’m planning a two week WDW vacation in the future. I know that the more days you buy for the parks works out to cheaper per day cost. My question is how many days would one have to buy before it gets more cost effective to buy an annual pass? I hate doing math so I don’t want to figure it out...
  19. Sbk1234

    Under-Appreciated Attractions

    With all the serious stuff going on in the world, I thought I would just start something light hearted. I know this has been discussed a million times before, but why not again? Of course, people love Haunted Mansion, and Expedition Everest, and lots of other BIG rides. But what's your favorite...
  20. Sbk1234

    Which Spaceship Earth?

    Just bored so wondering, which version of Spaceship Earth is your favorite, taking into account musical score, narration, scenes, everything: Walter Cronkite, Jeremy Irons, or Judy Dench?
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