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  1. Stormyy

    So... a Splash Mountain log sank..

    Uhm. Yeah. This is a fun one. Thoughts???
  2. Stormyy

    As of July 27th, no outbreaks have been associated with the parks. Surprise?

    Surprise or no surprise? Orange County had a COVID-19 update this evening, and the question was brought up if any small outbreaks had been directly related to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort. The answer was no, however, there has been individual cases (which is inevitable). Now...
  3. Stormyy

    Cast Members during COVID

    Right now, I think all Cast Members really should be appreciated for doing what they're doing during these pretty dangerous times for them. Making magic for others during the most uncertain days, putting themselves in a rather risky situation with being in contact with hundreds daily. Much very...
  4. Stormyy

    Rivers of Light: We are one malfunctions?

    Monday night during the second showing of Rivers of Light the show stopped about a quarter of the way in. There was no rain/thunder/lightning in the area. The floats weren’t out yet either, it just seemed like nothing was wrong until it suddenly stopped and they said it was delayed. It was a bit...
  5. Stormyy

    The Animation Experience AK question

    So I’ve searched around looking for an answer and have yet to find anything - does anyone know for The Animation Experience at animal kingdom if the characters are drawn at the same schedule everyday? For ex: If they did Pumba at 1:45PM one day, would they do Pumba at 1:45PM again the next day...
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