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  1. reptar77

    Overlapping Reservation Question

    We were lucky enough to get DVC rooms booked at the last min but there will have to be a split stay btw 2 resorts. The stay is AKL 5/17-5/19 & BCV 5/18-5/20. I have overlapped a day on purpose so we would not be without a room to go back to for medical reasons and we have points to burn. Our...
  2. reptar77

    Housekeeping 2022

    We are staying in the AK Jambo house our next trip. Does anyone know the housekeeping situation these days? Daily security check and trash collection? Normal 4 and 8 day schedule? Its so hard to find accurate info.
  3. reptar77

    DVC site outage?

    Can anyone login to their DVC account? I can't even get the page to load.
  4. reptar77

    Haven't been to Disney World in 365 days

    It's official! Today marks the first time in 19 yrs that we have missed a year at Disney World :arghh:. I'm actually surprised about how sad we are about it. We have plans tonight to order pizza and watch Mickey Mouse shorts on Disney Plus. Maybe I can even find Lambert.
  5. reptar77

    How do I decline MagicBand?

    I cannot find the decline option.
  6. reptar77

    California Grill Brunch Walkup

    Has anyone tried a walkup for brunch?
  7. reptar77


    Has anyone used instacart from whole foods or publix to a WDW resort?
  8. reptar77

    Vegetarian at Signature restaurants

    I'm a new vegetarian partial vegan. Do the signature restaurants have a separate menu or am I stuck with the 1 or 2 veg items on regular menu?
  9. reptar77

    California Grill Sushi

    Does anyone know if I can have the sushi made with brown rice?
  10. reptar77

    Narcoossee’s Brunch

    Has anyone tried the brunch?
  11. reptar77

    Ordering cupcakes?

    We LOVE the s'mores cupcakes at the wilderness lodge. Is there a way we can preorder around 24 for our upcoming trip to WDW? We specifically want the ones they are offered at the wilderness lodge, the s'mores cupcakes at the contemporary are different.
  12. reptar77

    Has anyone been to Hallowishes dessert party?

    Do you have pics of the food offerings?
  13. reptar77

    Beach Club Tv connections?

    Does anyone have a picture of the room tv? We are specifically looking for the connections. We have had problems in the past connecting our iPad to the tv to play movies, we needed a specific cable. I was wondering if anything changed with the refurb?
  14. reptar77


    Does the 1 bedroom at BLT have a blender in the kitchen? If not does housekeeping have them?
  15. reptar77

    New MK hub for fireworks viewing

    Do they block off parts of the hub for wishes?
  16. reptar77

    Narcoossee reviews

    We haven't been to Narcoossee's in a couple years. Every time we go the food has been terrible. My husband wants to give them another try. Has anyone been there recently? Do you have food pics?
  17. reptar77

    Beachcomber shack/Polar patio reviews?

    Has anyone booked the beachcomber shacks at TL or the Polar patios at BB? How was your experience?
  18. reptar77

    Renting out your points?

    With the amount of construction going on in what seems every park and downtown we have decided to take a year off from WDW. We are 2 hours away from WDW so we visit a lot. We have some points that we need to use or they will expire, has anyone rented out their points? What was your experience?
  19. reptar77

    Having items removed?

    Our home resort is the BLT, we always stay in the studio. Will housekeeping remove the pack/play and vacuum from the closet? We have no need for them and I would like to have to storage space. Do they offer more hangers on request?
  20. reptar77

    Beach club villas

    Does anyone have updated photos of the studio? I have been hearing conflicting information about the condition of the rooms.
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