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  1. graphite1326

    Which Day at EPCOT

    I have another question. Never did a one day. I book my day and then where do I get my (ticket)? Or whatever they use now.
  2. graphite1326

    Which Day at EPCOT

    Good question. I was just going to book a Monday. I'll wait until ther eis an answer.
  3. graphite1326

    Which Day at EPCOT

    OK I want everyones opinion. I have a one day trip to EPCOT coming up. Which day of the week is the best to go? The lowest crowds, best day for shows, etc.....
  4. graphite1326

    What Disney Ride Do Think Is Most Terrifying?

    I used to sit near the end of the water slide. Such a dirty old man!!!!!!
  5. graphite1326

    Flight of Passage Early Entry

    Yes I have a couple of times and it varied. Once it was pretty much a walk on. The other time we ended up in line quite far outside. It ended up being probably a 20 minute wait. I guess it depends on how many people are doing the same thing. I would like to add that after many years going...
  6. graphite1326

    "You Just Don't Like Change"

    Wait I wear cargo shorts!!!!!!!!!!! Crimes againsy humanity: shorts and a long sleeve sweatshirt. If you are cold put some pants on!
  7. graphite1326

    "You Just Don't Like Change"

    I don't like change? When I first started going my two favorite rides were The Great Movie Ride and Alien Encounter. I was open minded and got on their replacements. The both suck. I don't know what do you think? Am I a person who doesn't like change? In all fairnes I do like Buzz over...
  8. graphite1326

    The “wealthy” is not going to work

    Well here is my theory. I am an artist. Once in college one of my professors told me "cater to the rich." I didn't listen to him of course and did some pcs that everyone could afford. They sold well. However it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. It was hard work with little return. So I...
  9. graphite1326

    Pitch A Disney Attraction

    A ride based on a movie I saw when I was little........With Brer Rabbit, Song of the South.
  10. graphite1326

    I fell asleep in.....................(name attraction)

    Hall of Presidents, American Adventure, Tiki Room, COP, The nemo show. I even nodded off during part of the Lion King show.
  11. graphite1326

    What if you owned the Disney Parks?

    Bison, elk, Mountain Lions, Alligators, deer (all kinds), coyotes (both eastern and western). Black bears. Grizzley bears, eagles (not the football team), Wild horses. Just to name a few.
  12. graphite1326

    What if you owned the Disney Parks?

    sorry your right Genie+
  13. graphite1326

    What if you owned the Disney Parks?

    (flabergasted) Why not the zoo part?:)
  14. graphite1326

    Speedway has got to go

    That's kinda stupid isn't it. I'm sure they don't last all day on a tank of gas. Where do they fill them up at?
  15. graphite1326

    Speedway has got to go

    I thought they were LP powered.
  16. graphite1326

    Speedway has got to go

    I have to disagree. When I was a kid I couldn't wait to drive a car. My kids liked it also. AND the biggest reason to keep it: It's a people eater. It takes a while to get on and drive around the track so these people are not out making other lines longer.
  17. graphite1326

    What if you owned the Disney Parks?

    1st Cancel spash Mt. re-theme. Bring back Alien Encounter No more Disney movie themed rides in EPCOT and add another country scrap disney+ (it's not working) and open up park hopper to anytime. reserve rides (fastpass) one week before your visit. That would allow proper planning. I hate...
  18. graphite1326

    Using Disney Visa Reward Points

    The last three trips I just used them for our flights.
  19. graphite1326

    Favorite rides/attractions?

    favorites: Flight of Passage, RnRollercoaster, ToT. favorites that are gone or going: Alien Encounter, The Great Movie Ride!!!!!!, Splash Mountain.
  20. graphite1326

    Which Club Cool Do You Prefer and Why?

    I like the old old one where you walked thru an area that was heavily airconditioned and passed a frozen caveman holding a coke.
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