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  1. Missing20K

    Tips on ADRs for large (9+) groups

    It’s been over a decade since I’ve been to WDW as I’ve spent my dollars exploring Disney’s other parks. Considering that, the MDE/ADR process is pretty new to me. Last time it was just my gf, now wife, and myself and we never had trouble walking up for dining. Flash forward 13 odd years and we...
  2. Missing20K


    Seems there are more than a few members that enjoy a lively and engaging debate on the topic of architecture so let’s all gather here and try to keep the thread derailments to a minimum. I know I’m as guilty as any. It can be just a dumping ground for derailments on architecture and design at...
  3. Missing20K

    Hypothetical Bay Lake Tower

    I guess because of boredom, I spent a couple hours building my hypothetical Bay Lake Tower on Sketchup! and decided I should share it with the other armchair imagineers out there. I would like to finish it off someday in the near future but here is the basic premise. Comments and critiques are...
  4. Missing20K

    Disney's Environmental Efforts

    Another thread got me thinking, and I wondered what others, thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on the subject. I know Disney has the monorail, and buses, but those are more for transportation sake than for environmental issues. Earlier Discovery Island, and now AK, are obviously environmentally...
  5. Missing20K

    Conversation with John Lasseter

    Came across a really neat interview with John Lasseter on the Financial Times website. Really interesting. I hope he gets more control of not just the parks, but the company in general. He really seems to have a wonderful grasp of what makes Disney, well, Disney. The characteristics of the...
  6. Missing20K

    Renting Points

    Just wondering about general experiences with renting points. I have looked into a bit and it seems as though it could be a great bargain if planned well. I'm slightly worried about the transaction and the chance for fraud/etc. Also, it almost seems too good to be true. Feel free to...
  7. Missing20K

    Just a friendly question

    Please don't get too angry with me, but I can't help to notice many people post threads about how they just booked such and such a resort and how they will get to do this and this and how DS and DD are so excited, etc., etc., etc. My question is this, and I swear I do mean this in the nicest...
  8. Missing20K

    What happened to Pooh and Snow White

    I was at a bookstore yesterday, and on my way out, browsed the travel section to see if any 2009 Disney books or guides came out. Well, none really had, but while flipping through the 2008/2009 Zagat's Walt Disney World's Insider's Guide, on the map for the Magic Kingdom, neither the Pooh ride...
  9. Missing20K

    New Year's Rooms : AAA discount, Dining Plan, AP discounts

    I am planning a trip for the New Year with my girlfriend as a surprise, and would like to book ASAP so I make sure I get a room. My question concerns getting discounts after the original booking. See, she is a AAA member, and last time we used her discount, and I would definitely like to...
  10. Missing20K

    "Disney - Magic Restored" The Economist April 19th 2008

    So I picked up The Economist before a recent flight as usual (a fantastic publication, highly recommended) and without realizing it there was an article on Disney. Naturally, I saved it for last, and thought I would just relay a few items I thought were interesting, and my opinion of them. Not...
  11. Missing20K

    Playoff Football/Steelers Fans!!

    Ok so I know that everyone will probably say ESPN Zone and that's probably where we will end up.....but are there any other cool spots to go watch our precious Steelers play tomorrow night?? And if any fellow Steeler fans will be around that night, where are you headed....let's get loud and...
  12. Missing20K

    Wrinkled Clothes???

    ok last minute they have irons in the rooms at POP.....or can you get one from the front desk or something??? :shrug: We leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn and it was something that we seemed to have overlooked.....thanks!!! this time tomorrow we are in the world!! Peace...
  13. Missing20K

    AAA discount

    How does one go about getting the AAA discount if you want to book online?? is it possible or do I have to go through the agent?? thanks
  14. Missing20K

    Tips, Tricks, and Anything Else We NEED to know before we go

    so my girlfriend and I are trying to plan a last minute trip to WDW for January but neither of us have been there in over 10 years. Obviously our first decision is where to stay and we haven't quite figure it out yet. We both would like to stay on property to get that whole vacationing in...
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