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  1. Sbk1234

    Trip Report Outside the Bubble

    Very nice trip report. Your pictures showed me parts of WDW that I've never seen before. I checked on Google Earth and the location of your villa practically couldn't be any closer to WDW without actually being on property. Back in 2016 my family stayed at the Orange Lake Resort which was...
  2. Sbk1234

    WDW Answer to Hagrid's/VelociCoaster

    In Disney California Adventure, The Incredicoaster (originally California Screamin') is what I would consider a serious thrill coaster. It knocked my equilibrium off for much of the day. Mind you, I know I'm not a serious coaster efficianado, but I've heard the same description from many. If...
  3. Sbk1234

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    I just noticed the Mickey cloud in the sky. If it's real then that's really cool!
  4. Sbk1234

    Best Disney Castle

    Oops! Let me rectify this! Tokyo Disneyland:
  5. Sbk1234

    Why do we need Mission: SPACE at this point?

    If they could get rid of Mission Space and replace it with a duplicate of Horizons, THEN you'd really have something!
  6. Sbk1234

    Best Disney Castle

    Your wish is my command! Neuschwanstien Castle in Germany:
  7. Sbk1234

    Best Disney Castle

    I love this topic, but I think it needs more photos for comparing: Disneyland California Walt Disney World: Disneyland Paris: Disneyland Shanghai: Disneyland Hong Kong:
  8. Sbk1234

    Best Disney Castle

    They're all beautiful, but my personal favorite is the castle in Disneyland Paris. It has that wonderful fairytale look to it, with the square-trimmed trees and dramatic landscaping. And the cherry on the top is the dragon underneith. Inside the details are just gorgeous. To me, it really is the...
  9. Sbk1234

    why do people complain about ride rehabs?

    maintenance or a complete redesign? Because I'm all in favor of needed maintenance, but I don't want my favorite attractions reworked so much that they become different rides. Rarely do refurbs result in a version that is, imho, better than what was there before, so I feel like we're given less.
  10. Sbk1234

    How bad is Mission Space for people with health problems?

    I had a heart attack nearly 20 years ago, escaped with virtually no damage, and I ride the green, "Non-Lethal" version of the ride. It isn't nearly as wild, but I get a good idea of what the ride is about and don't really feel like I'm missing out.
  11. Sbk1234

    WDW Photo of the Day (Stuff That's Gone)

    Probably the unobstructed view without the equipment for the water show.
  12. Sbk1234

    Where in The World?

    Toy Story Land
  13. Sbk1234

    Trip Report C’mon Everybody, Here We Go….*COMPLETED*

    It warms my heart to see this. We didn’t actually get to see her launch any boats because on the day we were there she went home early, sick. Thanks for posting and especially for being so nice to her.
  14. Sbk1234

    ABCs around WDW - Post a pic after another person posts or post again if 12 hours have passed.

    F is for flowers at the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Is it really necessary for me to point out that G is next?
  15. Sbk1234

    Trip Report C’mon Everybody, Here We Go….*COMPLETED*

    Glad I had a positive impact on your trip! Although I agree that I’m not in a rush to do Space 220 again, it was one of the highlights of our trip and I’m happy to have that memory. Also, you went on May 12, which was my father’s birthday. So, cool.
  16. Sbk1234

    Coolest themed restaurants for kids - my plan

    Your choices all sound fine to me. A couple of my favorites that you may want to think about: MK - Liberty Tree Tavern Epcot - Rose and Crown Pub/Restaurant Chefs de France Studio - 50s Prime Time Diner Some of the hotels have top notch eateries, such as Animal Kingdom, and Polynesian, if...
  17. Sbk1234

    Trip Report The most magical place on Earth… answered our call *COMPLETED*

    Enjoying this! Your pictures are great!
  18. Sbk1234

    Your help needed - resort ratings and reviews

    I just made my review.
  19. Sbk1234

    Photo Association Thread!

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