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  1. deeevo

    AP's on monthly plan charged for the closed 4 months

    Check your bank accounts and credit cards. My wife was just charged for the past 4 months all at once. On hold now with the AP hotline.
  2. deeevo

    FP's gone at 60 day window??

    I just went on at 7AM this morning to book my FP for my vacation starting May 28th since my 60 day window opened this morning and there are no good FP left at all. No MRRR, Test Track, BTM, PP, Slinky, Frozen...even Poo and Mickey are gone. There is nothing. Is there another window opened before...
  3. deeevo

    Can someone please explain this madness

    I booked a cabin Saturday with my AP rate and I just changed it to my FLA resident discount and saved $300. Even the Sun and Fun rate is better that my AP discount. I just don't understand this logic. It is just a shell game they play.
  4. deeevo

    Passholder survey

    Just got this in my email. Asked alot of questions about value and my experience as a passholder. Would I be renewing ect.. also wanted me to compare the value of my passes compared to Busch Gardens and Universal. I was brutally honest
  5. deeevo

    Liberty Square Market Seating Area Demolished

    Blog Mickey reporting it. We love this spot. Hope they don't do anything stupid.
  6. deeevo

    Rented some points at Poly

    I rented some points at Poly for the first time for 2 nights and the way it is setup was 2 confirmation numbers so 2 one night stays. One night is Standard view and the other is lake view. Question I have is can or will they put me in one room for both nights so I don't have to move and do you...
  7. deeevo

    This is how bad the price increases are

    Below is what I paid to stay last year. No more Deluxe resorts for me. This is what it is this year.
  8. deeevo

    Glad I got that Passholder deal

    Thanks Disney...
  9. deeevo

    Passholder discount not displaying

    Is anyone having issues with their AP discount displaying? I have tried all dates in the promo date range up to 4/18/18 and it won't even display it. I tried my wife's account and my own. It is only displaying the Florida resident rate.
  10. deeevo

    Have to book 2 separate rooms to get availablility

    I can book WL Standard rate/view 12-8 to 12-9 and WL Standard rate 12-9 to 12-10 but I can't book the WL Standard rate/view for 12-8 to 12-10. I would have to book two separate rooms. The system they use is so bad.
  11. deeevo

    I can't resolve my AP issue Fixed!

    Going to try and make this as short as possible. If anyone can offer advice please let me know. Ok here it goes. We have 2 My Magic accounts. One for my wife and one for myself. My two girls had their gold AP’s on my MM+ account up until end of Feb. 2017. Then we called to change the credit...
  12. deeevo

    Bounce back offer or AP discount?

    Just wondering if any AP holders have found a better deal or more availability with the bounce back offer over the AP discount or FL discount. Now that Disney is cutting back on the AP/FL resort discounts (yes they have) is it worth making the call when I am staying over or is it still slim...
  13. deeevo

    Pop's looking good! Coronado eh...

    I usually don't write but a review but I wanted to give quick feedback on my experience with Pop Century this weekend. Just got back from F&W race weekend and I stayed 1 night at Coronado and 1 night at Pop both nights in newly refurbished rooms. First I would like to say I really like the style...
  14. deeevo

    Is Disney missing the boat with Descendants?

    I don't know why they have not taken more advantage of its success. I have twin 5 years old girls that are crazy over them and along with the next door neighbors girls. I know Party City is sold out of the costumes and along with the Disney Store. I only seen a few dolls and merchandise that go...
  15. deeevo

    Rose Gold Minnie Ears

    Anyone know what store they have been seen in? Going over this weekend and the wife wants to see if she can find a pair. Not sure where to start other than the Emporium. I know they have been sold out.
  16. deeevo

    New view category at Poly

    Tikiman posted on his FB page. They will now charge for pool\marina view at Poly. And standard view went up $100 a night in 2018. I'm done.... *drops mic*..
  17. deeevo

    Gift Cards for no room service

    Multiple reports are coming out that people are being offered a $20 gift card a day for not having their rooms cleaned. I guess this is a test at Value resorts only. Would you take it? If I am staying in a Deluxe on an extended vacation and paying Deluxe prices then no I don't think so. If I am...
  18. deeevo

    YC refurbed walkthrough

    Here is a walkthrough of the refurbished YC rooms.
  19. deeevo

    Help me waste my time

    Can someone recommend any good websites on the history of WDW or backstage/behind the scenes and imagineering at WDW. I am pretty sure I have hit alot of them by Googling but I wanted some hidden gems that I have not check out yet.
  20. deeevo

    When did CB get new TV's?

    Just got here for rundisney and I was shocked to see a 55" Samsung Smart TV. I am in a water view room in Trinidad N. I was in a refurbished room last year and they did not have them. I was just at WL less than a month ago and it had the old 32"
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