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  1. graphite1326

    Which Day at EPCOT

    OK I want everyones opinion. I have a one day trip to EPCOT coming up. Which day of the week is the best to go? The lowest crowds, best day for shows, etc.....
  2. graphite1326

    Why I may not go again

    Yes it's expensive but so is everywhere else. . I went to WDW becasue I could go on line, get the hotel I wanted on the dates I wanted, pick my tickets, add things like Park hopper (yes you can still do all those things). But now I have to book my own flights and transportation somewhere else...
  3. graphite1326

    Dear Abby

    Dear Abby; We are an older couple in our sixties and are very selfish with our WDW vacations. We always have a wonderful time and don't mind telling freinds and family this when they ask. Therein lies the problem. They see that we really enjoy ourselves and want to go with us. We are really...
  4. graphite1326

    Trip Report October 2021 Lets see what the changes are like trip

    I thought I would give a quick summary. Well maybe not so quick but without pictures if you don't mind. We have been going for 25 yers every other year except this time it was 3 years between and wanted to give my thought son our trip and what we thought. Is that OK?
  5. graphite1326

    Coronado Springs

    Has anyone stayed here recently? I just booked for October and looking for all the info I can get. One thing I am interested in is Restaurants. In the mornings I like to grab a quick bite to eat and head to the parks. From what I have read, I don't see that available. Also, I don't see...
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    I'm trying to decide which resort to stay at. Our favorite is FQ. But it isn't open. We are looking at All Star Movies or POP or a mid range resort. But leaning toward Movies. My question is; are the bus stations when you leave the parks still in the same places or have they moved them up...
  7. graphite1326


    We cancelled our trip last year and are now talking about going this year. I am apprehensive about going. First, I am not crazy about wearing a mask in that heat. My DW breaks out from some of the mask and can only use certain ones. I don't know if the heat will have added effect on her...
  8. graphite1326

    Rate the Scariest WDW Rides

    1 thru 5 stars ***** 5 being the scariest. I know Disney rides aren't like other theme parks. But keep it as just Disney rides EE ***** ToT **** RnR Coaster **** Splash Mt *** Space Mt ** Mt Railroad * Test Track * Soarin no stars Mine Train definitely no stars Slinky Dog no stars
  9. graphite1326


    Here is mine: By the time WDW finally opens up (without masks and restrictions), I will have enough points on my credit card to pay for the whole trip. What is your "bright side"?
  10. graphite1326

    Take a Chance

    I can't stand it. I need to go this year. What does everyone think about late September? Will it be open? If it is, will it be too crowded? I was going to get my airline tickets now and if Disney doesn't work out we can still go to Orlando and do day trips of the area. What do you think...
  11. graphite1326

    Halloween Party tip

    Eat before you go. Or go early and eat before the party starts. They close a majority of the restaurants and the ones that are open have a limited menu that is completely different than the norm.
  12. graphite1326

    Bad Idea?

    We have been approached by another couple to make a trip to WDW 4 weeks away. Is this a bad idea? I was thinking of Fast Pass availability and dinner reservations. Not to mention if there would be rooms available. What do you think?
  13. graphite1326

    Time Share

    A relative has a time share that is not Disney. Turns out she can "trade" and use one of the Disney resorts (thinking Grand Floridian). When we book our week at the resort, how do we book the rest of the trip (theme park tickets, magical express)? Also, would we be able to book fast passes...
  14. graphite1326

    EPCOT Changes

    At first I was upset at all the changes going on at EPCOT. Like a lot of us die hard Disney fanatics. I always thought it was just the amount of "education and fun" that it could be enjoyed mostly by adults but kids would not be bored. UoE was a good example, even though it wasn't very...
  15. graphite1326

    Rode Orange but may do Green now

    Mission Space:. I rode it when it first came out. There was only one option then. I didn't experience any motion sickness but did have a slight headache the rest of the day. Although, I really enjoyed the ride but I haven't been on it since because of my age and know I would experience...
  16. graphite1326

    One Ride each park

    You are granted one ride in each park, what would they be? MK: Splash Mt Epcot: Soarin HS: ToT AK: FoP
  17. graphite1326

    Haunted Mansion Mistake

    Huge, HUGE, HUGE!!!! mistake. At the beginning of the ride the narrator says there are 999 ghost with room for one more. HOWEVER! When you exit he says one will follow you home. Well I have ridden it at least 10 times (probably a lot more but using 10 makes the math easy). 999 - 10 = 989...
  18. graphite1326


    So I have the old CD of the 4 parks. It still has the old Soarin music and a few other outdated songs. I thought maybe they offered a new one as a CD but they do not (my car still plays CDs). I have not been able to find it to down load. Anyone know where I can find a new version or even if...
  19. graphite1326

    Thoughts - Just Returned

    Our last trip was 2016. We stayed at POP. same as before - Love the refurbished rooms. We had a queen size bed and a Murphy Bed (which we didn't use) and made the room seem so much bigger. No carpet. Sliding doors to the sink area and another the bathtub/toilet area. A separate cabinet...
  20. graphite1326

    Last Minute Questions

    Ok we leave next week and I have a few questions; I can't remember, is there a hair drier in the room? How do I use the food ordering app if I have the dining plan? Also, how do you use it for two people on the same res? What is the best way to get to Wilderness Lodge from POP?
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