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    First look at Na'Vi Animatronic
  2. CheekBoys

    Tarps over Haunted Mansion

    What do you guys make of this?
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios EDIT: Details here: More at...
  4. CheekBoys

    Disney CFO Jay Rasulo resigns
  5. CheekBoys

    WDW VS DL?

    I have no idea if this is the right place for this. But what do you guys think?
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    Peter Pan's Flight question

    I have always wondered if you could reach out of the ride car and touch some of the mountains, and animatronics on Peter Pan's Flight. Of course I know this would probably stop the ride and other things, But is it possible?
  7. CheekBoys

    Are DLR animatronics generally better?

    I was just watching a video of POTC at Disneyland and then watched one of the WDW version and I noticed the animatronics at DLR (particularly Jack Sparrow) looked better, this could be a result of bad maintenance at WDW but they looked like they had more motion at DLR. Here are the videos. DLR...
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    Are these pins rare?

    I was wondering if these pins are worth their price.
  9. CheekBoys

    Are these pins really rare?

    I was wondering if these pins are worth their price.
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    Frozen pins?

    Is there any Frozen pins/vinylmation at Disney World? I looked all around Downtown Disney and I didn't find any.
  11. CheekBoys

    Splash Mountain refurb?

    Why did Splash Mountain go on such a big refurb? Was it starting to look bad again even after the refurb last year?
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    Celebrate The Magic question

    Is the Frozen segment still there? Or was it limited?
  13. CheekBoys

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Soft opening?

    Is there any chance of a soft opening in Febuary?
  14. CheekBoys

    Disney World April crowd levels?

    What are the average crowd levels if you went in April?
  15. CheekBoys

    Top 5 2013 movies?

    I was wondering what is your top 5 movies of 2013? Here is mine:
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    Disney Infinity characters worth it?

    Hi, I was thinking about buying some of the Disney infinity sets (Frozen, Toy Story, Lone Ranger). Is it worth it? Or is it just an overpriced gimmick?
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    Bob Iger "I don't think Figment is going anywhere any time soon, I promise"

    So does this mean the Journey into Imagination isn't changing any time soon?
  18. CheekBoys

    Bob Iger staying Disney CEO through 2016
  19. CheekBoys

    Are they removing Planet Hollywood?

    Are they going to remove Planet Hollywood for the new Disney Springs?
  20. CheekBoys

    Great Movie Ride downgraded Wicked Witch animatronic?

    Are the movements toned down now compared to when the ride first opened? Grand opening: Current:
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