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  1. Imagineer Dave

    Epcot Avatar Thread

    Here's my entry:
  2. Imagineer Dave

    TV Special

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if your interested in Imagineering, on Aug. 19 at 9pm EST on the Travel Channel there will be a special on Imagineering called "Disney Imagineers" It is definitly something worth seeing. Also it is followed by a special on Tokyo DisneySea.
  3. Imagineer Dave

    Mousepaper Contest #8

    Thanks, yeah i decided to throw that in at the last minute.
  4. Imagineer Dave

    Mousepaper Contest #8

    Thanks for the comment grizzly! :)
  5. Imagineer Dave

    Mousepaper Contest #8

    Here is mine:
  6. Imagineer Dave

    Which resort pool is best for kids?

    Stormalong Bay would be the best but you'll have to be staying at the Beach, Yacht club to use it.
  7. Imagineer Dave

    Pop Century- An Opinion Has Changed

    First of all you haven't been in it or have actually stayed there, second not everyone has the kind of budget to stay at a deluxe hotel (and it sounds like you're comparing Pop to a deluxe resort). An third i would just like to know, for about the same price were would you rather stay, Pop an...
  8. Imagineer Dave

    Mission: Space FastPass Distributors are Complete

    The exterior of Mission: Space is coming along nicely but there are still many interior things that have to be done before it will open. So it won't be opening anytime soon.
  9. Imagineer Dave

    OFFICIAL WDWMagic Banner Contest

    Here are mine #1
  10. Imagineer Dave

    4 Band trips to WDW in 5 Years!

    More and more over the last past ten or so years there have been a lot of out-of-state high school programs that have been taking there students to WDW and I think it's great! I only wish that my high school did that when I was in school.
  11. Imagineer Dave

    attach disney art done by you!

    Man, wouldn't it be great if Disney (Interactive) really did make there own operating system for computers.
  12. Imagineer Dave

    Vote: Wallpaper Contest #7

    Thanks Tink!
  13. Imagineer Dave

    Wallpaper Contest #7

    Here is mine:
  14. Imagineer Dave

    Wallpaper Contest #7

    Wow this should be a great contest, I'll post mine soon
  15. Imagineer Dave

    More Info on the New NON-Disney Resort

    nope that picture is Pop Century.
  16. Imagineer Dave

    Calling ALL Stitch Avatars!

    I just took my old one and took out Mickey and put in Stitch
  17. Imagineer Dave

    Disney America

    Not only that but the state of Virginia disapproved of the park because were it was planned to be built was historic land and they did not want a theme park built on it.
  18. Imagineer Dave

    Ride Poster Contest #2

    deleate post
  19. Imagineer Dave

    I will make avatars for people

    Here is another edit of that picture that i did:
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