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  1. nepalostparks

    Tramway project and security relocation at TTC.

    Here's what the sidewalk looked like as of yesterday:
  2. nepalostparks

    Cobra's Curse Busch Gardens Tampa

    The ride will be forward through the first drop up to the brake run, then turn backwards for a short portion and up the second lift. Then it's a free spin til the final brake run. The amount of spinning will differ each ride based on the weight distribution in each car.
  3. nepalostparks

    Osbourne Lights Returning under new Name?

    A credible source came to us at Pixels At The Parks (I'm @androckb) and shared the info. Given the source's reliability, we decided to share. Of course, it's only a rumor at this point. We don't get too caught up in rumors, but occasionally share ones from good sources. I'm not suggesting that...
  4. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens Tampa closed Due to Flooding

    As a Tampa resident (about 2.5 miles from Busch Gardens), I can tell you yes, it was a long stretch of overcast skies and ridiculous amounts of rain for about three weeks straight. Most of the flooding issues in Tampa proper were in South Tampa, with spotty issues elsewhere within the city...
  5. nepalostparks

    AVATAR land construction progress

    Here's one of the images we took this past Saturday, June 27th:
  6. nepalostparks

    Disney selling "chocolate animal poop"?

    I doubt we'll ever know for sure. I was happy I got some sort of "official" answer to share. I am sure the rumored reasons of guest complaints will continue to be the story, though.
  7. nepalostparks

    Flame Tree Barbecue closing for extensive remodel at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Visited Animal Kingdom yesterday, and the walls were down around Flame Tree. Cast Member there said it is expected to open on Tuesday (June 30th). Also got a look at the new menu boards posted. Biggest change is the Smoked Chicken Salad is gone, and a new Caribbean Jerk Salad is in its place...
  8. nepalostparks

    Disney selling "chocolate animal poop"?

    Like someone mentioned above, there's not likely to be some press release or official statement on the removal of the "poop brownies" from Disney. I was at Animal Kingdom yesterday and spoke with a supervisor at Zuri's Sweets. She explained to me (and another guest who was also there asking...
  9. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens First Timer

    If you're on the All Day Dining plan, then refills in the cup are free. Any SeaWorld cup should work - as long as it's not one of the special Christmas Celebration cocoa mugs - those might not. If you don't have the All Day Dining, you can still use the cup for 99 cent refills.
  10. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens First Timer

    Unless something just changed, the Smokehouse is included. It's just only certain menu items qualify - not the sampler, for example. This is true of most restaurants... there is often one or two most expensive options that aren't included (but usually can be added for a small surcharge of a few...
  11. nepalostparks

    New Culinary Option Coming Soon!

    Thanks for the mention @919Florida! Pixels was the first to break the news about Pretzel World a few weeks ago. Some doubted us, claiming the construction in the former games area was for the new coaster. And yes, those who visit SeaWorld will be in for a real treat. Busch Gardens Tampa...
  12. nepalostparks

    Question(s) about Quick Queue

    You can get Quick Queue at the ticket windows or self service ticketing machines before you enter the park. You can also purchase it once inside the park from the guest relations counter or at self service Quick Queue machines near some of the bigger rides. If you're visiting on a weekday...
  13. nepalostparks

    Does anyone take a night off from Parks and chill at resort

    We do mostly day and weekend trips since we're in Tampa, but during the hotter summer months when we visit we often start early, head to a resort just after noon to have lunch and relax, and then head back to a park around 4 or so to enjoy the rest of the evening. Gets us out of the hottest (and...
  14. nepalostparks

    AVATAR land construction progress

    Couple of shots from Saturday: Certainly taking shape since the last time I saw it in person in early January.
  15. nepalostparks

    New Coaster

    They're touting it as being the tallest in Orlando. Despite what some people like to think, Busch Gardens Tampa is indeed in Tampa, not Orlando. ;)
  16. nepalostparks

    Has anyone bought tickets from Undercover Tourist

    We've purchased Universal tickets from them twice, most recently October of last year. Both times received the tickets through the mail quickly, and they are gate ready regular tickets. No issues at all.
  17. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens First Timer

    They layout can be a bit confusing for first timers. It's not set up like the Disney parks, so that may throw you off some. I liken the layout to a large 'Q' where there is one main circular loop and the jut off of it towards Cheetah Hunt and Montu/Egypt area. Sometimes things can look close...
  18. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens First Timer

    The bus usually arrives between 10 and 11 depending on traffic. First thing I would do is check to see what is going on at Cheetah Run (they have a presentation normally at 10:30 and 11:30 and again twice in the afternoon). They usually run one of the cheetahs at least once a day - the time...
  19. nepalostparks

    Busch Gardens First Timer

    Busch Gardens just started its new Food & Wine Festival this past weekend, and it will continue this weekend when you visit. (Kool & the Gang is the headline act at 6 p.m. if you are so inclined - it's included in admission). I strongly suggest eating your way around the food booths at the...
  20. nepalostparks

    Busch Garden's food prices

    The park's website does not post the prices. Most entrees range between $9 and $12, with a few specialty items (especially those at the Smokehouse) a few dollars more. Those specialty items are either not included in the all day plan, or are available for a small upcharge. Like the poster said...
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