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  1. AlishaMisha

    News D23 Expo 2019

    I am in my early 30's and grew up on the original DuckTales and Gummi Bears, though. We all did.
  2. AlishaMisha

    Ever had a awkward encounter at Disney?

    When I was a teenager I was at the Garden Grill with my parents. Pluto pinned me up against that center wall with both arms on either side of me and my head completely inside his mouth...which is where his "friend's" face is. He kept going at it and was gesturing for my parents to take a pic...
  3. AlishaMisha

    Small Castle Fire From Fireworks

    To my understanding, the compressed air launch has not been done for many years in WDW, but last I knew it was still used in DL. Even then, it was limited to Illuminations. Disney are the ones who developed the technology, but it was costly and was not without problems.
  4. AlishaMisha

    New Monorail Costumes

    Monorail pilots have started to pick up their new costumes, which debut Dec 12th. I have not seen them yet, but a friend said "don't ask me what the wait time is for Space Mountain". If that tells you anything...I am hearing they are generally not liked.
  5. AlishaMisha

    Woman Denied Entry at MK For Trying To Bring In Baby Bengal Tiger

    Just a warning guys: the guy who wrote that article is Danny C ox. He runs Doctor Disney and the "I'm So Disney..." FB group. Never use this guy's articles for anything. He armchairs everything too.
  6. AlishaMisha

    PotC accident in DLP

    According to Disneyland Paris's Facebook page there was some sort of accident at Disneyland Paris on Pirates today. It is said to involve a 5 year old. From new reports it says it was a boy and that he is fighting for his life. Here is one news source...
  7. AlishaMisha

    Phone Booths Disconnected?

    Well, I asked around today and no one in the UK knew. They all said to each other "oh, huh...come to think of it I haven't heard them ring lately". I tried to ask Guest Services on my way out of the park, but I went out the International Gateway exit and they were closed. So, I went to a...
  8. AlishaMisha

    Phone Booths Disconnected?

    I saw a user mention they have tried for over a month with no luck. I had luck as recent as a couple weeks ago. It worked a month ago too. I will be at Epcot tomorrow, so I will see what I can find out.
  9. AlishaMisha

    Disney to offer 'in-park' free WiFi for the first time this summer at Epcot

    Very excited over this. I got wifi once in Italy. I was waiting for someone and I figured I would check for laughs. Sure enough I was on my way to playing Words with Friends in the park. Here is my opinion. I am not a smartphone user. I can't justify having a data plan for my needs when I...
  10. AlishaMisha

    Can I do this?

    There is indeed another way, but I am not going to get into it because it will turn into one of those resort mug threads :hammer:
  11. AlishaMisha

    "Value" Resort costs more than Deluxe

    Not at Disney's drink rates! :o But you seem to be a neighbor to Maine so maybe I can make an exception :animwink:
  12. AlishaMisha

    "Value" Resort costs more than Deluxe

    Well then that would indeed make AoA a value even pricewise. Case closed, let's go home.
  13. AlishaMisha

    "Value" Resort costs more than Deluxe

    Too sleepy to read through, but... To make it fair you have to compare a Villa rented w/o the lockoff to the AoA rooms. Anyone know the rates?
  14. AlishaMisha

    Great Movie Ride - Gangster car not working?

    I can report it has not at least worked Feb 25th-April 3. And yes, if both cars a running during peak season you can request the cowboy scene. I do it every time. After being in WDW for a month with the gangster scene you can't wait for when peak season hits so you can finish a couple more...
  15. AlishaMisha

    Stitch Chamber Closed

    Not really news but I went on it a year ago and none of the canons worked. I was bummed because I love seeing them interact with Stitch. (which is the only reason I went on)
  16. AlishaMisha

    How big will MK24 really be...Crowd Comparison?

    Darn. Thank you for letting me know! I would of hated to be there that early and realize I couldn't do what I set out to do.
  17. AlishaMisha

    How big will MK24 really be...Crowd Comparison?

    I am thinking of going into MK at like 3am or something like that, go on some rides and then watch the sun rise!
  18. AlishaMisha

    Swampy the Alligator meet n greet

    You know, something tells me more kids are going to be looking at the other crocs and thinking it's Swampy, not the other way around... :shrug:
  19. AlishaMisha

    Swampy the Alligator meet n greet

    Does Swampy belong in WDW? No. But I can't lie and say I am not going to get my pic taken with him because I am an avid player of "Where is My Water? Honestly, it is better than that Angry Birds junk. My recommendation is to get the app, play it, get addicted and maybe it will be slightly...
  20. AlishaMisha

    The iPad at Disney World

    There is a possibility I may bring my Kindle Fire into the parks for those extra long lines as my phone isn't a smartphone. It's small enough and light enough to fit in my bag. But an iPad is a little too big and heavy to seem worth it. I say just stick to the iphone. Or you can try out the iPad...
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