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  1. jeffb

    Food & Wine Kiosks

    How late do the Food & Wine kiosks stay open on nights when there is evening Extra Magic Hours? Thanks in advance! Jeff
  2. jeffb

    Old Imageworks sign at Pleasure Island

    There is or was an old Imageworks sign at one of the PI clubs. Is this still there and if so, which club has it and where? I would like to try to grab a few shots of it before in vanishes or is sold on ebay after PI finishes up at the end of the month. Thanks.
  3. jeffb

    December Hours

    Are the December 2008 park hours available yet? I went the WDW calender on the offical website and while it shows the month of December, it does not show any hours. If no, any insight as to when they become avaiable? TIA
  4. jeffb

    1900 Park Fare Question

    For the 1900 Park Fare Characater dinner is below still a current list of the regulars. Also who only posses for photos? I am trying to decided between this and Norway for my two little girls. Dinner - Cinderella Gala Feast - Regulars include Cinderella and Prince Charming, Suzy and Perla...
  5. jeffb

    Polynesian Rooms - have then all been updated?

    Are there buildings of the Polynesian that have not received the most current room rehabs yet or is the project complete. If there are builings that have not been rehabed - would you know the names and when they are expected to receive the update? TIA!
  6. jeffb

    Popwarner 2007 dates

    Have the Popwarner dates been posted for 2007? On Allears it says that they have not been announced. Any idea of when they are released? I am looking to book a trip Dec 11- 18th and would like to make sure that it will not coincide TIA
  7. jeffb

    EPCOT Preview Video Clip Sorry if this is old news, but it was new to me and most interesting. EPCOT - simply awesome!
  8. jeffb

    Mickey's Ice Cream Social at EPCOT - The Land

    Hi Does EPCOT still offer the Mickey's Ice Cream Social at the Garden Grill Restuarant? I just called to make a priority seating reservation and the person at other end of the phone had no idea what I was talking about? Thanks.
  9. jeffb

    Adventures in Cooking / Wonderland Tea Party

    Hi I would like to take my 3 year old to one of these programs. I see on the Disney website that Adventures in Cooking is actually for ages 4 - 10 while Wonderland Tea Party is for 3-10? I was curious if a) you go with your child or do drop them off (would prefer going with my daughter) b)...
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