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  1. ChuckElias

    One quick poll question

    I took a ton of food pictures on our cruise in April. Does anybody have a strong opinion on how they should be shared? I can just put them in the DCL Pic of the Day thread. Or we can give them their own thread. Curious if anybody cares.
  2. ChuckElias

    I know this is a DCL forum, but here's a Celebrity story

    I thought some folks might like to see that Celebrity is eliminating the "single supplement" for more than 275 itineraries in Europe, Caribbean, and Alaska through the early part of next year.
  3. ChuckElias

    Meet up after the 4th?

    I'm going to be at WDW from 7/5 - 7/11. Anybody gonna be around and want to meet up for a drink/snack?
  4. ChuckElias

    GTY story ends well

    Just thought I'd share this story. We're booked on a back-to-back on the Dream next month. For the first leg, we booked a 4E aft balcony. For the second leg, I booked a guarantee for the same category. The price was great, and since I was booking the same category, I was hoping that we could...
  5. ChuckElias

    Another non-DCL cruise report: Royal Clipper, Jan. 22, 2022

    This was a 7-night sailing on the Royal Clipper (operated by Star Clippers), which departed from Bridgetown, Barbados on Jan. 22, 2022. My wife and I traveled with a small group of friends. It was the first time that anyone in our group had been to Barbados, and for me, it was actually the...
  6. ChuckElias

    Bippity-Boppity open yet?

    For anyone who has sailed Dream or Fantasy since the re-start (including, but not limited to @twall0415 and @SplashZander ), has Bippity-Boppity Boutique re-opened? I'm hearing conflicting reports and someone we're sailing with wants to know. Thanks.
  7. ChuckElias

    Pirate Night on a 4-night sailing?

    We want to make our Palo dinner plans for Pirate Night, but I can't remember which night that will be on a 4-night sailing. Is it the day at sea?
  8. ChuckElias

    Serenity Bay Cabanas

    Are there really only 6 cabanas at Serenity Bay? They're already sold out for my April 22 sailing. But I thought there were more than 6.
  9. ChuckElias

    Queen's Staircase

    Has anybody visited the Queen's Staircase in Nassau? From Wikipedia: This is less than a mile from the cruise port and sounds kind of interesting. Is it worth a quick walk?
  10. ChuckElias

    Anybody interested?

    Hey everybody, cruising has started back up, but there's still not a lot of chat here and not a lot of trip reports yet. My wife and I traveled to England a couple weeks ago to do a canal/river cruise on a small boat that took us through the locks of the Lee River and into the Thames. It has...
  11. ChuckElias

    We already knew this...

    No surprise to anybody in this forum.
  12. ChuckElias

    New Vax requirements in Bahamas

    This includes Castaway Cay!!
  13. ChuckElias

    Looking to connect with DCL stage performers

    Some of you know that I produce a travel podcast and I would really love to have a DCL stage performer on the pod to talk about what they do, how they were affected by the cessation of cruising, and what they're doing now to prepare for a return to performing on the ship. I would prefer to talk...
  14. ChuckElias

    New approach at Palo

    Not sure I'm going to like this:
  15. ChuckElias

    Week of July 18 meet-up?

    I know this doesn't belong in the cruise forum. But I don't know anybody in the other forums, so it goes in here! :D I'm going to be in Kissimmee during the week of July 18. Anybody want to meet up at Disney Springs (my annual pass has expired), or at Fishlips to try to see the Dream leave...
  16. ChuckElias

    New video from Wish construction

  17. ChuckElias

    Celebrity Millennium -- good news or bad news?

    This has come up in another thread and I thought it deserved its own discussion. The Celebrity Millennium sailed from St. Martin last week with fully vaccinated passengers and crew. During the sailing, two guests tested positive for COVID. Do you feel this is good news (only two cases!) or...
  18. ChuckElias

    Palo's grape/gorgonzola pizza

    My family enjoys making pizza at home and I'm thinking of trying to reproduce Palo's grape/gorgonzola pizza. Does anybody remember if there's a sauce on that pizza? It's been so long since I've been to Palo that I can't really remember what else is on it. Thanks.
  19. ChuckElias

    For LkendleKatie, Release date for December cruises?

    @Lkendlekatie , I'm re-posting your question here so it has its own thread.
  20. ChuckElias

    Search function misbehaving?

    I hope this is the right forum for this question, but I haven't been able to use the search function for several weeks now. It provides some results, but anytime I click on a search result, it gives me an error message. Is it just me? If not, will it be fixed anytime soon? Thanks
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