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  1. Disneyfalcon

    Princess Meet and Greets are Changing

    As @wogwog reported :), the meet and greet for Anna and Elsa on the Fantasy is now a ticketed event. It appears that the princess meet and greets are moving in that direction as well. On the Dream last week guests picked up tickets at guest services and the meet wasn't listed in the daily...
  2. Disneyfalcon

    Trip Report More Fun than I ever Imagined on the Re-Imagined Magic!

    It’s time for a trip report on the brand new Disney Magic!! Okay not-quite-as-new-as-if-I’d-written-this-report-in-October Disney Magic! Sorry. I’m only a couple of trips behind now at least! :D Who: Myself, Heather and Missy! Here’s our (bad) phone selfie! What: The inaugural...
  3. Disneyfalcon

    Remy Dessert Experience

    Have we discussed this? It's been official for a few days, so FYI if you haven't seen it. I know they've been testing it, I'm so glad it seems to have gone well! :) Remy Dessert Experience Treat your taste buds to a sweet selection of delectable desserts. "Remy Featuring Pompidou's...
  4. Disneyfalcon

    Blackout Dates for 2015

    These appear to be all of them. Good news for those of us going to Norway! Blackout dates for onboard booking discounts are as follows: Disney Fantasy 3/28, 4/4 Disney Dream 3/30, 4/3, 4/6, 6/26, 7/1, 7/5 Disney Wonder 3/29, 4/3, 5/15, 5/17, 6/29 Disney Magic 3/29, 4/5
  5. Disneyfalcon

    Trip Report What Happens After the Girls Cruise…

    I’m finally writing part 2!! Woo hoo!! It’s taken me forever to get to this part! So sorry for those that have waited patiently. :) Life, holidays and a few other trips slowed me down. This is part 2 of my girls’ cruise trip report. And while there is no actual cruising in this part...
  6. Disneyfalcon

    New Internet Packages!

    Disney Cruise Line is rolling out some new internet packages over the next few weeks. Instead of being charged by the minute, you will be charged on the amount of megabytes used. · Pay As You Go ($.25 per MB) · Small (100 per MB for $19) · Medium (300 per MB for $39) · Large (1,000...
  7. Disneyfalcon

    Happy 2014 Cruise Peeps!

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and happy cruising! :)
  8. Disneyfalcon

    The 1st UNofficial WDWMagic Member's Cruise!

    It’s the 1st UNofficial WDWMagic Members Cruise! :) WHEN: February 23-27, 2015 WHERE: The Disney Dream sailing out of Port Canaveral WHAT: 4 Night Bahamian Cruise WHO: The Adult Members of WDWMagic! We are going to have a blast!
  9. Disneyfalcon

    Disney Just Changed Onboard Bookings!

    Here are the new benefits: • 10% off prevailing rates (as quoted on • Up to US $200 onboard credit per stateroom • Reduced deposit on sailings 7-nights or longer The booking can be moved but travel must be completed within 18 months. Bookings that have already been made will...
  10. Disneyfalcon

    Book a New Sailing by December 15th and Pay Half Price Deposit!

    Great Christmas present, huh? :)
  11. Disneyfalcon

    Part of 2015 Is Out Tomorrow!

    Early 2015 will be available to book tomorrow for gold and platinum Castaway Club members. Everyone else can book beginning on the 14th. All four ships will sail from Florida in early 2015: Caribbean and Bahamas from Port Canaveral • Three- and four-night Bahamas cruises aboard the Disney...
  12. Disneyfalcon

    Live-ish Photos from the New Disney Magic!

    Well, it's finally here. Some of us from the boards are leaving for Miami tomorrow and boarding the Magic on Friday. We will be posting pictures like crazy people! We'll post here and check in several times on Friday hopefully. If you have questions, just ask! Watch this space...:D
  13. Disneyfalcon

    New Land and Sea Offer

    Disney Cruise Line just released a land and sea offer! Package components include: 3-Night Disney Magic® sailings from January 17 – February 7 3-Night resort stay at Disney's All-Star Music Resort (other resorts are bookable but will affect the price per person) 3-day Park Hopper® Theme Park...
  14. Disneyfalcon

    It’s the 2nd Annual UNofficial WDWMagic Girls Cruise!

    It’s the 2nd Annual UNofficial WDWMagic Girls Cruise! :) It’s here! The time is here! Time to start planning again! WHEN: September 21-25, 2014 WHERE: The Disney Dream sailing out of Port Canaveral WHAT: 4 Night Bahamian Cruise WHO: The ladies of WDWMagic! Our inaugural WDWMagic cruise...
  15. Disneyfalcon

    The 1st Annual UNofficial WDWMagic Family Cruise!! A Poll!

    You asked and we will deliver! But first we need to know what will work best. The first ladies cruise was a huge success and the ladies voted to keep that one as just ladies for now. But we don’t want to leave anyone out! So how about a family or couples/adult cruise?! That’s a little...
  16. Disneyfalcon

    Trip Report Cruising With the 27 Ladies of Leisure!

    What: This is the long anticipated, much ballyhooed, Unofficial WDWMagic girls cruise! Finally! We booked this baby two years ago! Where are the dancing banana smilies when you need them?! Who: The ladies of leisure you say? Why yes! This is what our assistant cruise director named us...
  17. Disneyfalcon

    There are lots of GT rates out there! The first sailing of the Magic! Or Thanksgiving!

    Disney has some good rates out there right now. There are a lot of IGT, OGT and VGT rates out there through November! IGT means you are guaranteed an inside room are better. OGT means you are guaranteed an oceanview room or better. VGT means a verandah or better. If you'd like to be on the...
  18. Disneyfalcon

    Links to Webcams for Girls Cruise on Sunday

    Hi everyone! We are in Orlando and already having fun! There are a bunch of pictures up on instagram! Search #wdwmagicgirls. We sail away around 5 pm tomorrow. Here are the port cam links if you want to look for us. The first one is the one I usually use and it zooms as we start sailing...
  19. Disneyfalcon

    Port Webcam Photos of Magic Members

    I found @EOD K9! Shoot, I can't tag him on the iPad! He sailed away today! He said he was in a grey tee with khaki shorts and his wife was in a blue tee with black shorts. This has to be him right? Pic in next post...
  20. Disneyfalcon

    Big Smoking Policy Change

    As of November 2013, guests will no longer be permitted so smoke on their verandas. That's a pretty huge change!
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