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  1. AlishaMisha

    New Monorail Costumes

    Monorail pilots have started to pick up their new costumes, which debut Dec 12th. I have not seen them yet, but a friend said "don't ask me what the wait time is for Space Mountain". If that tells you anything...I am hearing they are generally not liked.
  2. AlishaMisha

    PotC accident in DLP

    According to Disneyland Paris's Facebook page there was some sort of accident at Disneyland Paris on Pirates today. It is said to involve a 5 year old. From new reports it says it was a boy and that he is fighting for his life. Here is one news source...
  3. AlishaMisha

    The Disney Store and Court

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about The Children's Place going to court yesturday (Tuesday, April 22nd) over the Disney Store. Any news? Anything?! Oh yeah and if no one has heard yet, Disney is testing out a particular design in the UK in a few stores that they like. I...
  4. AlishaMisha

    Identify It! Appraise it!

    I was thinking, I got a few stuff that I have that is Disney that I have no idea where it came from. So it got me thinking further...How many of you are in the same boat? I've seen people ask where there items have come from before, but how about a forum devoted to identifying and possably...
  5. AlishaMisha

    What is this? was bored so I googled my own sn and I found this. Now I can't figure out what it's for. Some of you are on here...some quite a few times... I found 2 posts I did, no more though...I want to know why I'm on a website I've never been...
  6. AlishaMisha

    Public Apology

    For those who go to read the thread about the disney article that went to chaos before it got closed, this is for you. Because of the thread closing I did not get to say what I wanted to say in reply to the comments about myself. I am not looking for comments unless they are , well, ones that...
  7. AlishaMisha

    "You Can Fly" Sweepstakes

    Just figured I would share my excitement! I won ninth place and got this in the mail... < Here is what the letter said... "CONGRATULATIONS! Your name has been selected as a Ninth Prize Winner in the Peter Pan PLatinum Edition DVD "You Can Fly" Sweepstakes. As a Ninth Prize...
  8. AlishaMisha

    I don't know how to title this...

    I was recalling a memory of my childhood on WDW property and it made me think. Here i'll explain... When I was young I tought myself how to swim at Dixie Landings(PO:RS) in the pool next to the Parterre Place 9501-9932 building. A week later my cousin taught herself to swim in the lazy river...
  9. AlishaMisha

    Want free stuff sent to you while livin the WDW blues?

    *I did a search and I didnt find anything but correct me if Im wrong* You know about the WDW/DL Trip planning DVD, Custom Park Maps...blah blah blah... but did you know that you can get a DVC DVD? If you did then here is a lil tidbit that you may have not known... If you order the DVC...
  10. AlishaMisha

    Void this thread

    Void this Thread
  11. AlishaMisha

    New PH Disney Char. Breakfast/ Lunch @ MGM

    Okay...I looked but I didnt notice any threads on this... "Walt Disney Entertainment is seeking male and female Musical Theatre Performers to portray Playhouse Pals for a new, contemporary Character Breakfast and Lunch experience at the Disney-MGM Studios. Performers should be youthful...
  12. AlishaMisha

    Location: Beach Club CM Justin

    Name: Justin (Manager)Location: Beach Club Resort "MarketPlace"Everyone at the Beach Club is extremely nice (especially Art) and everyoneone got to know me pretty well while I had my 3 week stay there but Justin stood out. Justin would call me by my name everyday, would let me in on secrets and...
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