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  1. Doodlyday

    Tower of Terror Relevance

    I have a question for everyone... Do you think that Tower of Terror will ever be taken down due to lack of relevance? sure, people are well aware of The Twilight Zone now, but perhaps one day it will be forgotten, or do you think it will always be a ride that people will be attracted to despite...
  2. Doodlyday

    Wait Time Photography

    I notice that when the digital wait time boards are photographed or videotaped, the dots on the board scramble for the photo or video. Does anyone have an explanation for this?
  3. Doodlyday


    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but... 1. I know that the Splash Mountain capacity is 8, but if you had 9 adults, all normal size, would the cast member allow three to sit in a row, as it often goes with small children? 2. I have never ridden TOT, and I know this question is...
  4. Doodlyday

    Ride Photos...?

    It's been so long I honestly cannot remember. I know with the new photopass system, you can buy your ride photos later online, but is it still possible, say, if I had just gotten off Splash Mountain, to point out my photo, have it printed right there, pay for it and move on, or can you not buy...
  5. Doodlyday

    Splash Mountain Question

    When you go down the long drop and hear Brer Fox screaming (the drop inside that goes down into the beehive scene), what does Brer Bear say at the end of that drop? It sounds kind of mumbly.
  6. Doodlyday

    DINOSAUR Update

    I love DINOSAUR, it's one of, if not my favorite attraction. I had an idea for an update for it that's a little strange. I thought it would be cool if, when time traveling, the rover would go into a straightaway in pitch black, like Test Track, and tilting side to side, like it does now. Then...
  7. Doodlyday

    A thought...

    I remember seeing the extremely long waits for SDMT and thinking "I can't wait until something new is built and this won't be so crowded." Now I think someone thought that in 1975 while waiting for Space Mountain.
  8. Doodlyday

    WDW Jokes

    I'm sorry, but I got to get this one out: Q: What set the Imagination Pavillion on fire? A: One little spark... Anybody have any jokes?
  9. Doodlyday

    Scuttle Sees Me...

    Earlier during the day, I went on Under the Sea, then later, I went on again, and in that very first scene where Scuttle is trying to beginning the story, he looked right at me and said, "Hey, you look familiar." Is this a major coincidence or a result of RFID technology?
  10. Doodlyday

    Has Anyone Else Done This?

    On the back of paper Fastpasses, there is the patent number for it (6,173,209). If you look it up, you find the patent for "method and system of managing attraction admission." I thought it was kind of cool. Here's the link:
  11. Doodlyday

    Disney Planning DVD

    Does anyone know when the new planning dvd is coming out?
  12. Doodlyday

    Letters to Cast Memebers

    Is there any way to send a letter to a CM?
  13. Doodlyday

    Out of Curiosity...

    I've never tried this, but can you make calls from the UK/Canada phone booths, or anything like that since the calling-in lines were shut down?
  14. Doodlyday

    Magical Express Question

    If you stay near Orlando International Airport the day of arrival, then go to Disney the next day, are you still allowed to use Magical Express even the day after, given that you are staying at a Disney hotel?
  15. Doodlyday


    I like to listen to Inside the Magic, WDW Today, The podcast and some others. Just wondering how many people out there listen to Disney podcasts and if anyone has some good, not-well-known podcasts to recommend.
  16. Doodlyday

    Muppet-Vision Clock

    What is that thing hanging from the minute hand on the Muppet-Vision 3D clock?
  17. Doodlyday

    GMR Effects

    How does Mary Poppins float up and down in GMR? Also, how are the bullet holes made in the car glass in the gangster scene, and then how are they reset?
  18. Doodlyday

    Weird Thought About Disney Secrets

    With so many of Disney's secrets released on the internet, it makes me wonder how many more secrets are left, how much there is that we don't know.
  19. Doodlyday

    Star Tours Accelerate

    How does Star Tours make you feel, or feel the illusion of, accelerating?
  20. Doodlyday

    Avoid Fantasmic Exit Rush

    To avoid being stuck in a slow crowd of people while exiting Fantasmic... 1. Go to the second show. There are usually less people. 2. Sit near the back. 3. At the finale, get out of your seat and watch the last few seconds from the back. Then, at the very second of the end of the show, fast...
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