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  1. Stitchiegrl23

    The great stroller dilema

    This visit our youngest is 2.5 almost 3 (had to sneak in that last no ticket visit for her before to late) and I know from last yr. and previous visits with our now 10 yr old she will DEFINITELY need a stroller. Trust and believe I am not a parent who thinks "oh maybe she will be alright"
  2. Stitchiegrl23

    Rope Drop first timer questions

    I already can see in my mind the mean comments so let me say first I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! I have been told by countless people how much you can get done if you are at rope drop, and let's face it parks no longer stay open as late as they use to. Even though I have been to WDW more times...
  3. Stitchiegrl23

    How to suprise my kiddos?????

    This trip I have decided not to tell my kids ahead of time that we are going to Disney for vacation. I've always wanted to suprise my oldest, 9yr old girl, but have always gotten way to excited to keep it in. I know some people are going to judge and think this is lame but I know I only have a...
  4. Stitchiegrl23

    Port Orleans vs. POP

    I'm trying to decide between staying at the POP for our next trip and Port Orleans French Quarter. Never stayed at the POP but hear great things....stayed at POFQ but it was years and years ago. My main concern is the size of the resort and the bus service. We will have a 10 month old with us...
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