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  1. 38053WDW

    Trip Report COMPLETED - And so our journey begins… May 17-25

    So today is the day… never ever attempted one of these reports so not sure what you will get… who… you may ask? Me …Dad, Mom and kids … Nick 19 and Bailey 21… heading to airport with a quick stop to put daughters car in the shop after a weekend ding! Mr Dewayne is the body man for sho!
  2. 38053WDW

    EMH + FP + Not staying on property the whole time.

    So we are not staying on property our whole vacation at Disney. We had a friends timeshare come available. My question is this. We were able to book all our FP's 60 @ days for the whole vacation even though we are not staying property until the last two days. Do you know if this will also cover...
  3. 38053WDW

    Sad news out of Terrell, La yesterday

    Google it if you want to know. I just know this family needs all the prayers we Disney families can give out. My heart breaks. ( News)
  4. 38053WDW

    How do you do it ? $$$

    We try and go every three years and partically this is because of cost... I know cost can be what you make of it... offsite or standard/moderate/deluxe Resorts... I read of these two week stays and I think.. how ? We're looking at 8n/9d / BLT / MKV .. airline and tickets (PH of course) for 5...
  5. 38053WDW

    Walt Disney Executives to Face Criticism for Bias in its Networks' News Reporting

    Is it worth discussion? Do you take your money elsewhere? They are separate Companies, so what's the big deal? Just another day in Corporate America? Do you feel like it's creeping into the parks?
  6. 38053WDW

    Quick Trip 1/2-1/5

    Ran down for a Quick Trip (DH,DW,DS11,DD14) to take a peek at the new FL additions. Stayed at Port Orleans -Riverside (first time). Property was great but when I pulled in three cast members did nothing to help with my luggage ... Just standing around talking .. I guess I needed to go ask for...
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