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  1. JusticeDisney

    Anyone else here as excited as me for…

    …the hopefully relatively-soon return of the railroad?! Of all the things that went way, this is one of the ones that I have been missing the most! Next time I’m in WDW and the train is rolling, I might ride it around the park about 10 straight times, lol!
  2. JusticeDisney

    Booking a villa

    When booking a villa through the Disney site (and not a DVC member), how far in advance of your check in date do they allow you to make a reservation? Thanks for any insight!
  3. JusticeDisney

    Best phone number to make room requests?

    To follow up on my recent inquiry, what’s the best phone number to use to make a room request? Is it just the main resort reservation number, or is there another number that is preferable? Thanks very much for any guidance!
  4. JusticeDisney

    Simultaneous Boarding Group and Individual Lightning Lane Selection?

    Can you do both on the same day? Trying to get ready for GOTG and I was wondering if it’s possible to ride it twice on the same day by doing both of these things. Thanks!
  5. JusticeDisney

    What’s the best way to make room requests?

    I have always called about a week or so before check in. Is that the best way to try to get a particular room request? And is a week out the best time to do it? Also, what exactly does online check in accomplish for you? And if you do decide to do online check in, does that in any way undermine...
  6. JusticeDisney

    Hoop Dee Doo booking question?

    When booking for HDD becomes available on May 26th, is that something that can be done online, or do you have to call in to do it? Also, at what time in the morning of the 26th can you first make a reservation? Thanks in advance for guidance with this!
  7. JusticeDisney

    Which are you more excited for, GOTG or TRON?

    Personally, I can't wait to ride both of them. It's a very close call for me, but I think by the slimmest of margins I would go with TRON!
  8. JusticeDisney

    Are ADRs for Space 220 proving...

    ...almost impossible to get? Thanks in advance!
  9. JusticeDisney

    Lightning Lane Individual Attraction selling out???

    I’m curious, does anyone know if the individual attraction purchases have been selling out right away, or have they been pretty open for purchase throughout the day? I guess I’m just trying to figure out if this is the type of thing where you are going to have to get up at 7am or else be SOL...
  10. JusticeDisney

    Where’s the My Plans section?

    I just updated the MDE app and now I can’t find a section like the My Plans one which lists my resort details, family members’ resort details, dining reservations, etc. What am I missing here? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. JusticeDisney

    Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure???

    Have I heard it’s gonna have a boarding pass system like Rise does? Please, please, please tell me that’s NOT gonna be the case!
  12. JusticeDisney

    What’s the best themed coaster?

    This poll is asking you to select what you feel is the best themed coaster. NOT your favorite coaster, or the best coaster, or the most thrilling coaster. Please consider everything from the queue to the ride vehicles to the actual track and surroundings themselves. Personally, I went with an...
  13. JusticeDisney

    Think there will be a return to the 180-day window for ADR’s?

    I get why WDW switched to the 60-day window for ADR’s, what with the uncertainty of capacity limits and required spacing and all of that. But with those limitations clearly going by the wayside, does anyone feel like there will be a return to the 180-day booking window? And if so, when do you...
  14. JusticeDisney

    Tron and GOTG

    I know there haven’t been any official opening dates given for these attractions, but is there any sense or reasonable speculation as to when we can expect these to be open?
  15. JusticeDisney

    Travel Documents

    After you book your resort, does WDW still mail out those little travel booklets that contain your reservation information and set forth your relevant dates for making ADRs, etc.?
  16. JusticeDisney

    Modify dates for park tickets?

    I understand that you can modify the dates for your park tickets up until the day before your start date, but does anyone know how far out into the future you can move your dates? For example, if necessary, could you push your tickets all the way into the next year, or is there an outside date...
  17. JusticeDisney

    Saturday or Sunday arrival???

    We are considering a Saturday to Friday trip or a Sunday to Saturday trip. I’m wondering if getting there on a Saturday over a Sunday is a major advantage as far as getting ADRS for the coming week, as well as having the best chance to have specific room requests honored? In other words, do you...
  18. JusticeDisney

    Are you allowed to order a dinner delivery to the resort?

    I’ve never done this before, but I was wondering if you are allowed to order food to be delivered directly to your resort? I am not referring to groceries. Rather, I am talking about ordering something like pizza and wings, whether straight from a local pizza place or via door dash or grub hub...
  19. JusticeDisney

    Rise Virtual Queue

    I am so confused about how this works. Can I get boarding passes for everyone listed on my MDE account, even if some of them don’t have their own separate accounts, or does every member have to actually have their own account that is linked to mine? Hooe that question makes sense, and thanks in...
  20. JusticeDisney

    Capacity level?

    Anyone have any idea or guess as to what level capacity the parks are currently at? Thanks!
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