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  1. JAB

    "Halfway to Halloween" Treats Announced.

    Disney Parks blog just posted their first look at "Halfway to Halloween" specialty treats that start on 4/28 (because I guess August is too late to start Halloween this year 😏).
  2. JAB

    How Well Does MagicMobile Work with Ride Photos/Videos?

    The MagicBands we have were purchased in late summer 2019 for a trip that was supposed to happen spring 2020 and which has been rescheduled multiple times over the past two years. Now that we're finally taking the trip spring 2022, and the MagicBands are nearly three years old, I'm worried about...
  3. JAB

    What's Going on with Swan Package Pricing?

    We had a trip planned originally for May '20 that obviously got cancelled. It's been rebooked and cancelled a couple times since then (Dec '20 & May '21) as we watched the progress of the parks return to "normal." We'd booked/rebooked our trips through Costco and gotten a really good price every...
  4. JAB

    HS on May 4th?

    I'm in the process of planning our trip for May 2022 (which was originally supposed to happen May 2020). Our original plan had our full HS day on Wednesday (which was 5/6 in 2020) in order to take advantage of lower mid-week crowds. However, now that I'm re-planning for 2022, Wednesday of that...
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