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  1. Hitchens

    Cruise line ad attacks price of Disney World

    (I'm sharing this here because I want to know, if you've done both a Disney and a Princess Cruise, how did they contrast?) I thought this was a clever ad . . . . . . but the cost of the additional excursions they show in the commercial would make it an expensive cruise, and an inside cabin...
  2. Hitchens

    News Princess Cruises takes shot at cost of WDW

    Clever ad . . . . . . but the cost of the additional excursions they show in the commercial would make it an expensive cruise, and an inside cabin on a Disney Cruise to Alaska is a good deal. My young daughter LOVED our Disney Wonder vacation to Alaska, as did my wife & I. I've written this...
  3. Hitchens

    Rumor Hollywood insiders say there's growing tension at Disney as CEO Bob Chapek chafes at Bob Iger's 'long goodbye'

    Mayhem in the Magic Kingdom: Disney ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Walkout Underlines Bob Chapek’s Leadership Crisis By Brent Lang, Cynthia Littleton Disney CEO Bob Chapek is facing a crisis of confidence in his leadership that is fueling an atypical...
  4. Hitchens

    Is Disney ever NOT "experiencing higher call volume"?

    Every time I call the Disneyland Resort I hear something like "we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volume" before they inform me that I'll have to wait 20 to 40 minutes on hold to speak with a human. Has this been your experience recently too? I wonder if Disneyland or WDW...
  5. Hitchens

    What will it take to stop you from going to WDW?

    I just cancelled our reservations for August, and (more sadly) our reservations for Universal Orlando. While I hated the thought of getting up at 3am (Pacific time) to make restaurant reservations, and have heard some bad things about Genie+ & Lightning Lane, and am disappointed at not having...
  6. Hitchens

    What will it take to stop you from going to WDW?

    The avarice & cowardice of Bob Chapek & other Disney leaders. Here is the end of a column ... By Todd Regan (AKA, "Dusty Sage") on .... [Disneyland Resort] parks are currently celebrating Women’s History Month. A stage in Downtown Disney has a bright yellow banner exclaiming...
  7. Hitchens

    Disney Genie/Genie+ On Their Way to Anaheim

    We went to Disneyland on Monday and I found that Genie+ was not intuitive, and finding where on Genie + to make reservations for attractions was a bit of a pain. Far too much junk I was not interested in got in my way. Theme parks are distracting atmospheres, and I resented having to look at my...
  8. Hitchens

    News Disney to develop residential communities with new 'Storyliving by Disney' business

    Disney reminds me of a certain NY real estate developer with a dodgy reputation who also sold his name, sometimes to development efforts that failed. This seems like Chapek going for easy/lazy money. Walt Disney seemed to create the Tiki Room (over 55 years ago), and Pixar added rain to a chase...
  9. Hitchens

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    On one hand our family might not go to WDW in the summer of 2022 if Tron doesn't open at least a month before we go, so put me in the infantile adult freaking out because a ride won't be open category. WAAAAH! This is the downside of Disney bringing out the kid in me. But my inner old man...
  10. Hitchens

    Reservations should be made at 3am Pacific time? YIKES!

    But our Disneyland is still the best theme park in the USA! ;) And it's possible in CA to ski down a mountain in the morning, then drive down & ride Radiator Springs Racers the evening. (Bragged Hitchens ten minutes before the big one.) My avatar photo is of a ski resort at Lake Tahoe, BTW...
  11. Hitchens

    Is Disney Too expensive?

    Yes, it is too expensive. Unless, of course, you can afford it & if it doesn't hurt Disney's profits in the long run. So the question should be more specific -- too expensive for whom? I do like your posts though, DarthVader! 🙂
  12. Hitchens

    Reservations should be made at 3am Pacific time? YIKES!

    Unless I misunderstood a Disney Food Blog video, reservations for the more popular Disney World restaurants should be made at 6am Eastern Time, which is at 3am Pacific Time? D'OH! This 60 days in advance & (3am) requirement for where I'd prefer to eat is in the cons column as I decide if we'll...
  13. Hitchens

    Real time Genie+ updates

    Beware of all the new charges at WDW before you go. I just saw this on TouringPlans : "It may be a little thing, but the most popular complaint around the TouringPlans office this morning is how sales tax wasn't included in Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane prices. It feels like a literal...
  14. Hitchens

    Is WDW's 50th Anniversary a Flop

    Here's a video for those arguing flop:
  15. Hitchens

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    Line shortening options remind me of that Gilbert & Sullivan line: "If everybody's somebody, that no one's any body." $15 a day per person will sound reasonable to most Disney World guests, just as paying for parking, Magic Bands, and airport transportation fees are reasonable. But at $15...
  16. Hitchens

    Will Harmonious Survive?

    In related news, the kite show has had problems:
  17. Hitchens

    What's deflated your WDW enthusiasm the most: Pandemic or Genie+

    I was blown away by the outstanding service on our Disney Cruise to Alaska. We were frugal with an inside cabin, and we never felt like we were traveling in coach. Best vacation ever! Tokyo Disney also has some great cast members that reminded me of WDW in the 1970s when (I've read) they had far...
  18. Hitchens

    News Magic Kingdom's Main Street Confectionery closing for refurbishment

    To me the store manages to look both sterile & ugly at the same time. I guess the blinding brightness could deter shoplifting.
  19. Hitchens

    How does's compensation for new CMs contrast with this?

    I saw a sign at an In 'n' Out in LaVerne, CA today. (LaVerne is east of San Dimas and north of Pomona.) Now Hiring Starting at $17.25 per hour. Earn up to $20.75 Flexible Scheduling Dental & Vision Insurance Paid Vacations 401(k) Plan Free Meals How does this contrast with what Disneyland's...
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