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  1. pixieduststeveo

    When did CB get new TV's?

    Awesome!!! Thanks! I am heading down in early March.
  2. pixieduststeveo

    When did CB get new TV's?

    Did you room contain a fold down trundle bed?
  3. pixieduststeveo

    Magic Bands in November

    Going early Nov. staying at Art of Animation which is participating with the test. I have my fingers crossed and I check everyday.
  4. pixieduststeveo

    Miniature golf which one is better?

    Thanks for all the tips. The rest of my party wants to go to the boardwalk so that makes Fantasia Gardens the winner since it is within walking distance.
  5. pixieduststeveo

    Miniature golf which one is better?

    I am looking for some feedback on which Miniature golf course people prefer and why?
  6. pixieduststeveo

    Magic Band Accessories

    I respect your opinions and agree with some of your points and could argue with others but I know my kids would want some these things. I believe it will also depend on success or how flawless the bands work. If they become a pain in the you know what, people will not care to put bling on their...
  7. pixieduststeveo

    One Last Time at Captain Jacks.

    This explains why I can't make reservations for Nov.
  8. pixieduststeveo

    Waiting game

    158 here but I am glad because I am obsessing about all the details. I probably will still be obsessing at 3 weeks.
  9. pixieduststeveo

    Wishes Dessert Party

    Great thanks. Awesome advice It will give something stalk now that 180 days is here.
  10. pixieduststeveo

    Wishes Dessert Party

    Can anyone tell me if they still offer the Wishes Dessert Party at the tomorrowland Terrece and if it is worth it? My family told me they wanted to do this but the only information I can find is for 2010. I can make ADRs starting on Thursday and I would like to do schedule this with the rest of...
  11. pixieduststeveo

    WDI’s Twister Ride System

    Planes was suppose to be release straight to DVD but Cars 2 did so well they decided to show it on the big screen. Second rate film.
  12. pixieduststeveo

    Tickets now on sale for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

    I got my tickets this morning. First time going and most people I talked to said it is something to go to once in your life, definitely not every year. So I don't mind the price.
  13. pixieduststeveo

    Which Park Which Day

    DTD will be our rest day in the middle. My party consists of 4 adults and 3 kids(13,9,9). Last trip we went for only 4 days commando style and it about killed us.
  14. pixieduststeveo

    Which Park Which Day

    This is the first time I am in charge of planning the Disney trip. AAA travel agent last time did not impress me. I am looking for advice on help deciding which park which day of a 6 day visit with 5 day tickets in early Nov. I know we want to do 2 days in MK and 1 day at EP,AK,HS,DtD. I also...
  15. pixieduststeveo

    AoA advice needed

    We are going to AoA in Nov, 4 adults and 3 kids(13,9,9). We got 2 suites in Nemo. Looking forward to replys about couch and murphy bed.
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