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    AK EMHs in March

    I noticed that AK no longer has PM EMHs in March---only AM. Any chance that's a typo?
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    More park hour cuts

    From the first full week of January until a week or two before Easter, Epcot now closes to the general public at 8PM on evening Extra Magic Hour days, per the online calendar.
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    The New SSE: One 9 year old's opinion

    Just got back from our annual February week, and had a great time. I was a little apprehensive about SSE---even though we have young kids, it's one of our favorites, and a bit of a tradition. It was the first attraction we ever visited as a family in the Florida parks. This year, we didn't...
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    Imagination refurb: 1/28-2/24

    I didn't see another thread on this. A new refurb just popped up on the WDW web site calendar: the Kodak lab and JIYIwF. Too short for anything major, methinks...
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