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  1. mcstensrud

    Saratoga Springs High Rock Pool

    I have read two conflicting reports in Re:to the High Rock pool and or slide being closed in September? Does anyone know the real deal? Thanks in advance.
  2. mcstensrud

    Massage at SSR

    Hi All, Would like to get some feedback from any one who has gotten a Massage at the Spa,like how long and what kind. Thanks in advance.
  3. mcstensrud

    DVC Web site Problems?

    Has anyone had trouble getting into the DVC site today? It is telling me that i am already logged onto another site?:confused:
  4. mcstensrud

    Availability of Vero Beach in late September?

    Hi All, Has anyone tried to stay at Vero Beach in late september? Also was it Worth it? Thanks in advance
  5. mcstensrud

    Funai Classic

    Does any one know how much of an impact the Funai Classic has on park crowds,Traffic & Dinner Resos? Am staying at SSR that week then going on DVC Members cruise The 22nd:sohappy:
  6. mcstensrud

    The Plaza Restaurant

    Hi All, Does anyone have a menu or opinion for the Plaza Restaurant at the end of main street on the right in MK I have eaten everywhere else.Am Running out of choices:confused: Not a big character fan for dinner.
  7. mcstensrud

    Eat to the Beat

    Does anyone Know the line up for the Eat to the Beat concert series during the F&W Festival @ EPCOT?
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