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  1. LudwigVonDrake

    Let's be Carousel of Progress going to last the next five years?

    If/when they update the ride they should use Stephen Stanton doing his Rex Allen impression as the father and use Rex’s voice singing “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.” If you haven’t heard Stephen as Rex watch this video. He is spot on!
  2. LudwigVonDrake

    Buses Going Away or Pay?

    I’m curious: is Disney still using the Academy coach buses like they were in the summer?
  3. LudwigVonDrake

    Flash Flooding at Magic Kingdom

    Not only does the Magic Kingdom get flooded but the Pop Century has a bad problem at the bottom of the stairs heading toward the pool level
  4. LudwigVonDrake

    Coach buses

    None of the Academy drivers I had spoke to the guests. We had one Friday night who was having a phone conversation while he drove 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. LudwigVonDrake

    Coach buses

    Tuesday night leaving the Studios after closing we were in a Disney bus and it was packed quite tight!
  6. LudwigVonDrake

    Coach buses

    I asked a Disney cast member about the coach buses and he got all weird and basically said at the end of the night when they’re really busy they hire extra buses but yesterday morning we went to Disney Springs in an Academy coach bus.
  7. LudwigVonDrake

    Coach buses

    Anyone have any idea why there are lots of third party coach buses driven by non-cast members being used as Disney transportation? We are ending a week long trip at All Star Movies and we had Disney buses maybe twice or three times the whole week. Is it cheaper for Disney to farm out the buses...
  8. LudwigVonDrake

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Reservations

    I did reset the search and still nothing 😕
  9. LudwigVonDrake

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Reservations

    Still trying. Touring plans found me one opening and it was gone by the time I went to snag it 😕
  10. LudwigVonDrake

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Reservations

    Thanks for the heads up ☺️
  11. LudwigVonDrake

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Reservations

    I’ve been trying to get a reservation for 3 on July 27 for the last few weeks and absolutely nothing comes up 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. LudwigVonDrake

    Change in metal detector policy - June 2019

    It was like this when I was in WDW for Memorial Day weekend. I asked if I needed to put everything in the container and I was told no to just walk through.
  13. LudwigVonDrake

    You can have any WDW meal/food item RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are. What is it?

    Lunch at the Sci-Fi would be nice right about now with the donut/vanilla bean ice cream/apples dessert 😋
  14. LudwigVonDrake

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Dinner reservations were done yesterday.
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