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  1. disneyfan1995

    Trip Report And We’re Back! – A March Trip Report

    Great report! I enjoyed reading it. Glad to hear you enjoyed AKL! It's definitely an awesome resort to stay at.
  2. disneyfan1995

    Trip Report The Worst Week: A December 2013/January 2014 Trip Report! *COMPLETE*

    Amazing report so far!! Can't wait to read more!
  3. disneyfan1995

    Festival of the Lion King closes January 5th

    Your photographs came out great!!! What kind of camera do you use?
  4. disneyfan1995

    Festival of the Lion King closes January 5th

    Glad to hear the final shows (for now) went well. I'm not sure if anyone posted this, but I found a video of the finale from the 4:30 show on youtube. It's really awesome.
  5. disneyfan1995

    Trip Report To Disneyland, with Love: A June 2013 Trip Report

    Loved your report, Holly!! Excellent photos and Lucas is so cute!
  6. disneyfan1995

    Am I the only one that thinks Limited Time Magic is the lamest promo ever?

    To be honest, I completely forgot about LTM in the past couple of weeks...
  7. disneyfan1995

    Pirates Of The Carribean

    It's supposed to be a regular time, but half of the time it doesn't work.
  8. disneyfan1995


    While they do have activities for kids, it is also equally as adult friendly as it is for kids! Definitely keep the reservation as it will be 100% worth it!!
  9. disneyfan1995

    Pre-Trip Ridin' solo - a pre-trip report

    Have an awesome trip!! :)
  10. disneyfan1995

    Favorite time of year at Disney?

    I love Disney around Christmas time, but I also enjoy going in February.
  11. disneyfan1995

    What restaurant has the best theme/atmosphere???

    Sci-Fi, 50s Prime Time, San Angel, T-Rex, Rainforest Cafe all have the best themes.
  12. disneyfan1995

    Breakfast or Dinner?

    I would definitely do breakfast at CP so you can be there before the park opens. It's really awesome being in the Magic Kingdom almost all by yourself. Dinner at Chef Mickey's is also really good too, you can view Wishes from the Contemporary if you time it right.
  13. disneyfan1995

    Be Our Guest

    The dinner was average. I expected a lot better. I've heard lunch is fantastic though.
  14. disneyfan1995

    Trip Report Our 19-Day Mediterranean Adventure – Greece, Turkey and the Search for Free Wifi

    It looks incredible! I'm going to have to convince my parents to take me to London!!!
  15. disneyfan1995

    Trip Report Our 19-Day Mediterranean Adventure – Greece, Turkey and the Search for Free Wifi

    Your trip report was awesome!! I loved all the pictures of London. I wanna go there so badly! Was the Harry Potter studio tour available to book for the general public?
  16. disneyfan1995

    How do you handle cruise photos?

    The cast member who is the greeter for the character will take a picture on your camera for you, if you would like them to. The actual photographer cannot take a picture on your own personal camera though. You'd have to buy their pictures.
  17. disneyfan1995

    Another villains party?

    I'd really like to see something like this become a yearly event. It appears it had a lot of success and if it becomes a hard ticket event, there could be a more appropriately sized crowd present.
  18. disneyfan1995

    Late Night Dining Reservations

    They'll treat you just as normal. It's really nice to have a later reservation, especially at a park. Sometimes you'll wind up finishing and the park will already be closed which is great!
  19. disneyfan1995

    Kids menu question

    It shouldn't be a problem! Have fun at BOG!
  20. disneyfan1995

    Villainsland in DHS, could it work?

    I think it would be a perfect addition!
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