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  1. Ghost93

    Could Disney utilize the Young Avengers in the Florida Disney World parks?

    Marvel Studios is definitely setting up a Young Avengers movie or TV show. Most of the team members have already been introduced: 1. Wiccan and Speed (Wanda's twins BIlly and Tommy) were introduced in WandaVision and are expected to return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness...
  2. Ghost93

    Does Raya and the Last Dragon have a future in the Disney Parks?

    I was blown away when I saw Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters back in March. I thought Disney’s latest animated feature had a fantastic and empowering heroine, incredible world-building, lovable side characters, an exciting story, and what is — in my opinion — the best CGI animation to-date...
  3. Ghost93

    Disney Hollywood Studios getting renamed/rethemed?

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the WDW forums. When I first went to Disney World at the age of 9, Disney's Hollywood Studios (known at the time as MGM studios) was my second favorite of the WDW parks (my favorite being Animal Kingdom). I have always been a huge movie nerd so an entire park...
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