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  1. disneyfan1995

    Be Our Guest: Lunch or Dinner?

    I've only ever had dinner at BOG but I was wondering for people have experienced both there which is better, lunch or dinner?
  2. disneyfan1995

    Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? - All Aboard the Disney Fantasy 3/23/13-3/30/13

    Hi everyone!! I'm back for one more trip report!! This time it's my journey on the Disney Fantasy. My family decided to cruise again with Disney (we cruised on the Magic in 2010) and they did not disappoint. Our sail dates were March 23 - March 30th. We also stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge...
  3. disneyfan1995

    A different kind of Disney trip - February 2013

    Hi everyone!! I"m back for another trip report. This one from February 3-10, 2013. We arrived in Orlando on the 1st, but went to Universal on the 1st-2nd which was a lot of fun. I prefer Disney though! :) This trip was a lot different than some of the past trips mainly due to: a lot more solo...
  4. disneyfan1995

    Four Parks in One Day Solo - 3/30/13

    Hi everyone! This is my first trip report from when I went solo at all four parks last Saturday (3/30/13). I just returned from a wonderful vacation on board the Disney Fantasy with a one day stop afterwards to the Walt Disney World Resort! While my family hung back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge...
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