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  1. careship

    Magical Movies

    This weekend has been a Disney movie marathon. My kids start school tomorrow and one has been extremely ill so we spent the weekend watching movies, all Disney all the time. This was so much fun, but I really felt sad about some aspects that never felt more disheartening then before. I always...
  2. careship

    AP rates released

    Saw on another thread the AP rates are being sent out but for November and December. It said call for special rates for September and November. On the phone on hold now, I'll let you know what I find out. I have an Oct 1-9 reservation that I am trying to get the AP rate for.
  3. careship

    I finally got my AP!!!

    I finally picked up my Ap today !! We are going in October and will be picking the rest of the family's AP's up then.. Not bad for living in Michigan!!! Whoo Hoo !!!!!!
  4. careship

    Pirates of the Carribean 2 & 3

    I was reading abhe plans for the next 2 PotC movies. Anyone else hear anything along these lines? British stars KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and ORLANDO BLOOM are in the middle of secret negotiations to spend 10 months of next year (05) shooting two sequels to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE...
  5. careship

    Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement

    Saw the movie last night at a sneak preview. I was a little perplexed. One of the trailer scenes wasn't in the movie at all. Hmmm????? Other than that....The movie was great. My 13 yr old son loved it. He says he thinks they left it for a 3rd installment. They could. It was hilarious. It was...
  6. careship

    Series, Movies Slated at Disney Channel

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Disney Channel has given the go-ahead to a new live-action series and two movies, all scheduled to air in 2005. The series "The Suite Life" stars identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse ("Friends") as 11-year-olds who get to live in a swanky Boston hotel...
  7. careship

    Fall Series Premiere Dates

    What follows are the fall series premiere dates for all new, and returning, ABC series (in chronological order of premieres): -The Benefactor: Monday, Sept. 13, 8 p.m. ET - premiere -Monday Night Football: Sept. 13, 9 p.m. ET - season premiere -My Wife and Kids: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 8 p.m. ET...
  8. careship

    Disney allowing character licensing

    Jul 12, 8:09 PM Disney allowing character licensing Fans can make custom T-shirts GANNETT NEWS SERVICE The images of Tinker Bell, Peg Leg Pete, Simba and other Walt Disney characters from the past are being given new life in a creative licensing deal. Also available will be the...
  9. careship

    What happened to the Disney bank of talent?

    I wasn't sure where to post this discussion, but I guess this will work. Hope y'all find this thread..... :lol: I was thinking about something earlier from a different thread speaking about Clay Aiken. Here's my ponderings.... It was said in another thread and I think this too, that Clay...
  10. careship

    Miramax chief rows with Disney boss

    In the continuing saga over MGM.....this is news posted a couple hours ago at ananova..... Miramax chief rows with Disney boss Miramax studio chief Harvey Weinstein, who has backed some of Hollywood's biggest box office hits in recent years, looks like he is about to walk out on the...
  11. careship

    Glory Road

    Former college basketball coach Don Haskins had been approached before about doing a movie on his 1966 Texas Western team, the first to win a national title with five black starters. But when Walt Disney Pictures came to him a few years ago, Haskins did not hesitate. "I always liked their...
  12. careship

    Mother & 2 Girls die en route to Disney

    From the AP Wire..... ORLANDO, Fla. - Three members of a Georgia family on their way to Walt Disney World were killed in a car accident after they took a wrong turn off the highway, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Mary Whitfield, 56, of Augusta, Ga., was driving her 7-year-old...
  13. careship

    Must say I am shocked

    I don't know if anyone remembers what a bad trip 2 of them we had last year. Wrong room, not enough beds, moving us around daily, they screwed up our reservations and we spent alot of time trying to fix their mistakes. I talked to someone on the phone after we got back last year about it and...
  14. careship

    California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort Changes Check-In Process

    California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort Changes Check-In Process California Grill now provides dining check-in for guests at a podium located on the second floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort. Guests with Priority Seating or those wishing to enjoy the California Grill lounge...
  15. careship

    July 1st Disney history

    1933: Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon "Mickey's Gala Premiere" is released. 1959: Disney's Donald Duck film "How to Have an Accident at Work" is released. 1975: At Disney World, the WEDway People Mover, a futuristic way of shuttling people all around Tomorrowland, opens.
  16. careship

    Audio Spotlight Sound Beam Systems Installed at Walt Disney's Epcot

    BOSTON, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Holosonics, the world leader in directional acoustic technology, is pleased to announce a new installation of its Audio Spotlight systems at Walt Disney's Epcot Center. The Audio Spotlight, invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the first...
  17. careship

    What book would you choose?

    Ok all here we go with our dreams for Disney again.... We know that originality isn't any movie houses strongpoints right now. LOTR and HP have proven the ultimate in success for taking the heart of a book or series of and putting it on the screen. I am looking forward to the Series of...
  18. careship

    Prince and the Pauper

    Disney Options The Princess & the Pauper Walt Disney Pictures has optioned the movie rights to the novel The Princess & the Pauper, says The Hollywood Reporter. The tale is a modern, female-oriented take on the classic tale: The lives of rebellious 16-year-old twins living poles apart...
  19. careship

    Speaking of Narnia

    Did anyone else read that they offered Nicole Kidman 60 million to use her voice for the White Witch? This has got to be untrue. If it is true, then there is a huge problem. This goes with what we ahve been talking about all along...there is no reason to pay that type of money for a voice...I'll...
  20. careship

    Disney on Food Network

    Here I was taking a nap and the commercial on the Food Network woke me up. Next on the Food Network...5pmEST is Disney Fairytale Weddings!!!! So anyone looking for something to watch....get your Disney fix now....LOL
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