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    Canceling trip to SW; do we just let our tickets expire or do we have to call them?

    We had to cancel a WDW trip in early December for health (non-Covid) reasons, which also included one day in Sea World with all day dining and pre-paid parking. I can't find anything on the SW app or online about how to cancel tickets so the unused ticket credits will be available later. Is...
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    Cancelling or postponing Universal tickets on USO app?

    So, for health reasons (non-Covid), we had to cancel an early December WDW trip, which included one day tickets to both Universal parks, along with Express Passes. Postponing WDW dates was easy, but I can't seem to do this on the USO app. It lets me change to later dates, but only records our...
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    Anyone else having trouble with Visitors Toll Pass app from Central Fla Expressway Authority?

    Visitor Toll Pass seems like a very good idea (if you're not a rental car company); it is offered by the Central Florida Expressway Authority for visitors renting cars at MCO. I'm tired of paying rental companies' fees that charge a daily service fee for the duration of your trip, and then you...
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    Did I hear "Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit" in the new Epcot Forever fireworks soundtrack?

    Watched the WDWMagic video, and at about 6:40 into the video, it sounded like the bass singers were saying "Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit," which, of course, has been gone for years from the Land pavilion. Checked it several times, and it really sounded like it. Since the fireworks' theme is...
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